Posted by: octogirl7 | December 12, 2013

Swimming on Wednesday!!!

Because of the Honolulu Marathon, I decided not to fight traffic, and so didn’t swim this past Sunday.  I know everyone has different hobbies, so I won’t say BOO out loud, but I’ll think it! ha

So I took a couple of hours off in the morning on Wednesday and got in before the Speedo Torpedo!  My numbers are usually better when I get in before him, and they were: 10 octopuses!

And I was surprised, pleased, happy to see not only two regular little guys, but a NEW little guy.  Yes!  No one of the disparate group died in the the days since last Saturday.

I was also surprised to see a medium-sized scorpion fish.  Yahoo!  This guy definitely didn’t like me watching/taping him, so he shuffled off a little bit.  Moving forward on his fins, trying to hide.  No flash of yellow and red and orange, but I knew what he was.

Also had some stupid video action: my little camera and my gloved hand have a fight, sometimes. Which means I got a 6 minute video of the sand, the reef, sometimes the sky, sometimes my glove instead of the ulua pair being mean to a very pretty white mouth moray eel! Dang!  What a thing to miss!

One of the octopuses did blow water at me.  It still cracks me up when they do that.  I guess if I were at home, I wouldn’t want someone floating over me and taking photos or video.  I do try to be unobtrusive, but they definitely see me.  They change to that dark maroon, for the most part, so I know they are aware of me.  But two of the little guys didn’t change.  It is easier to be unseen if you don’t change, but I guess the big adults don’t care.  They see me and they are mad about it!

At one point, near the end of the dive, I saw an octopus with a little trevally swimming around it.  Then I saw the two fins and legs of the little boy who was standing on the coral and yelling to someone on the beach that there was an octopus!!!  When he said that, I popped up and told him that Yes, I knew there was an octopus and that he should stop standing and start swimming.  Then over comes his sister.  She also announced that there was an octopus and I replied, that YES there is one and you are scaring it silly!

As I swam away, I did wonder where their parents were, especially since I had seen a scorpion fish.  Not where they were, mind you, but you can have scary animals at any part of the Bay!  Eels, even! The rarely seen but impressive shark!!!

But for the most part, a very nice swim and glad I took the time.



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