Posted by: octogirl7 | December 7, 2013

Four octopuses even with bad visibility!

Well, the pressure was on today:  had to get a swim in before the hordes descend tomorrow for the Honolulu Marathon!!! They take over the whole dang town!  I’m just sayin’!

The visibility was kinda junk.  Well, mostly junk.  But I labored on, wanting to see my octo-friends.  And I did see 4.  It is quite amazing how different it is to look for them and not really be able to see inside the holes, for the most part.  Could have been an eel!  But God was good, so I was protected and didn’t run into anything.  (The water WAS murky, so that was a definitely plus.) But it did mean I wasn’t able to see well enough in one area to detect the little guy.  Hope he’s still alive.

I do like to see sharks…on t.v.  They are fascinating creatures.  And this week I learned that they indeed can have tumors and cancers.  So if you know anyone that approves of killing sharks for their supposed cancer-curing cartilage, tell ’em no go!  And while I’m on the soapbox, tell ’em not to kill sharks just for the fins for that stupid shark fin soup either.  God made this universe to be in harmony.  Who knows what will happen if there are suddenly no sharks to eat the sick and wounded fishes?!

Sometimes I felt like I was in a very watery snowstorm: you could see white particulate matter flowing by.  Probably some sand.  Probably some small organisms.  But who could tell?

Tako 2 came out on the 2nd pass through his area.  He quickly sank down into his den, though.  But at least he didn’t blow any water at me!!  But he did change color, going from mottled lighter brown to that angry maroon.  Why angry?  I nevah hurt an octopus!

Tako 4 adhered itself to the roof of the den.  Which means, it was on the underside of a rock.  Fascinating what they can do.  Guess it’s all those legs and suckers.  I’m told there are 250 suckers on each arm.  What kind of an amazing Creator made that up?!

But thankfully, there were no jelly fish nor any Portugese Man-of-war.  Don’t need those stings.

But, warts and all, a great swim.  Well worth the effort. 


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