Posted by: octogirl7 | November 28, 2013

12 reasons to give thanks! Well, 13….

As you might have guessed by the title, there were 12 octopuses in my morning!  A great number, since I believe the closest I’ve been to that in recent months has been 9.

Additionally, 3 were young’uns!  Always a treat. Only one of them changed to the dark maroon color, so I must have seemed pretty unobtrusive today.  No flying or hunting, but there were a pair near each other, so perhaps someone will have some kissing later on. (Yeah, I know, it’s hard to imagine octopuses kissing because it would probably look more like carnivorous behavior and we certainly don’t want that! Besides the “mouth” or beak is underneath the animal, so it would be hard to see what they were doing.  But I digress.)

It amuses me that I always assume that the more dominant and unafraid animal is the male.  Don’t know if it’s true, but I do know that in past experience, the male is always the one that peeks out of the den, hoping that the female is receptive.  Especially after some lame snorkeler disturbs their moods!

The 13th reason to give thanks is that the big barracuda left me alone.  I am always thankful when I see them going away from me…they always skulk in somewhat hazy water, appearing to my view only because of the black on their tail.  I saw a film on t.v. recently that showed the giant barracuda and boy, it was!!!  Acres of big teeth and looking like it could wreak some major havoc.  Thankfully, I don’t see the really big guys very often and they are always solitary, unlike in other areas where they rove in packs.  Not a fan of that group circling near me!

Somewhat surprising was the visit to the den where I saw a big adult octopus last week.  As I glided near, I saw brown, which makes me hopeful.  Then I realized the brown was about 4 inches of big bad brown eel!  I am sorry to report that the former occupant is probably no more.  I didn’t see the little one that was nearby last week either, but I did see a smallish one a ways away, so I’m hopeful that s/he made an escape without being eaten.

Two smallish turtles were having breakfast.  One surprised me, so I was too close and had to swim away quickly.  Don’t like to get too close and scare ’em.

There was also a small Giant Trevally that swam through: pretty, silver, with an interesting forehead.

I saw at least 3 octopuses because a bluefin trevally was circling.  I like to feel as if I’m the cavalry, swimming to their rescue, but I’m divided on whether I’m a good thing or not in this situation.  Sure, sometimes the trevally goes away, thinking I’m a bigger predator.  But I wonder if any of them will discover that if they follow me, they have a likelihood of seeing an octopus?  I doubt I make that big an impression and they don’t see me often enough to think that I might be of use in hunting.  Not sure how big the trevally brain is; their eyes always look dead and emotionless, unlike the octopus, so I don’t know if they would have that kind of memory.

Alright, I’ll grant you that I don’t know what emotions the octopuses might have.  I do know, however, that they know when I arrive.  Usually they change to that dark maroon color….maybe they just know we are former Aggies! ha

The water quality was great, too.  I never know until I get in what character it will have, but today was a great swim.  About 2 hours, so 6 octopuses per hour.  That’s one every 10 minutes! Yeeha!

It sounds odd, too, that I am working on listening to God when I’m in the water. I truly believe that He leads me to octopus…and away from eels and barracuda.  I do ask for His direction in the water and I think He gives it.

Just another thing to be thankful about!!!


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