Posted by: octogirl7 | November 16, 2013

While I wait for the Creme Brulee

OK, while I wait for the homemade creme brulee to cool, I’ll let you know about the Saturday swim.

Five octopuses.  Four and five were very close to each other and you know what that means!


The male is the one at the top of the photo.  And how do I know? Well you might ask!

It’s because in the video which isn’t uploaded to youtube (too long), the first thing one sees is the snaky leg whipping back from the female.  Apparently I sadly interrupted something.  But if past experience serves, they will become friendly again soon.  In fact, the swim was a few hours ago, so they are probably in bliss right now.

The water was mostly pretty nice, so a good change from last weekend.  Probably because the wind has died down.  Some folks complain about the VOG, but windless means wave-less and clarity is the winner.

I am afraid that #5 might have a chunk out of her…


See on the left of the picture, that white area?  I think that’s a healing wound.  Glad they can re-grow a leg.  Yup, God made these animals crazy cool!

I also saw more of a snowflake moray than usual…about 4 inches.  Wow!  It was trying to scare me. HA

A good swim.  Nice water.  And octopus….uh oh! The timer went.  Gotta go!



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