Posted by: octogirl7 | November 11, 2013

Young Hunter

Four octopus today: go Veterans!!!

Well, I guess octopuses don’t count as veterans, as the only service they have probably accomplished is for their little ones and the spouse…

But I saw a nice young hunter today: a medium-sized octopus, who gave a range of color changes, even the rippled color effect, for my waiting camera.  Can’t beat that!

I do enjoy seeing not only their color changes, but the skirt that they make between their legs when they are hunting.  Catching anything that tries to escape.  What a smart and wonderful animal.

Probably gave me a good 7 minutes of video, not all of which will be  uploaded to the octopigirl7 youtube site.  But I did upload the sitting and hunting ones.

I surprised a flounder and he surprised me, too.  His camouflage was so good, I didn’t see him until I was on top of him.  Needless to say, he didn’t appreciate that, and swam off.

The water near the shore had cleared somewhat from the recent rains, but the water near the reef where I look for tako was kinda junk.  Still found 4, so no problem.

Only a few snowflake eels.  I rarely see them out of their holes, so i probably saw a total of about 8 inches; two inches per eel.

I had put on both my dive skin and wetsuit, thinking I might get cold.  I was wrong.  And boy, I had forgotten how much like a cork I am with that wetsuit padding!  Stayed at the surface for sure.

And for those readers who are true veterans, thank you so much for your service!  I have had some folks tell me they don’t deserve the “Thanks!” because they didn’t serve in a war zone.  Pish and tush!  I think anyone who has been in the military has done a great service and should be thanked.

SO THANKS AGAIN!  May you all lead happy and healthy lives!


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