Posted by: octogirl7 | November 10, 2013

He did it to himself

Well, today, the advice was not to go in.  Stormy, rainy, windy, wavy…not good words when you are talking about swimming in the ocean!.

Add murky to that mix and you have a determined, but potentially dumb and dangerous, girl who was jonesing for the water, as she didn’t get to go in yesterday.

But as always, God was good.

I prayed, as I always do, for safety.  And that no animals would hurt us and that we wouldn’t hurt the animals.  And of course, I prayed to see octopus!  And I added that I’d like to see whatever God wanted to show me.  As I said, God is GOOD!

Five octopus in half an hour!

I don’t know if that is a record, but considering that it took me longer to get out to the reef to peek around (because the water near the beach was oh so sand and debris filled), that i had to keep one fin off, to push in front of me.  That way, if anything bad found me, at least they would find my fin first.  One hopes.

And all 5 of the octopuses I found were regulars!  All my regulars stayed home (as was only prudent, in these conditions) so I got to see lots of them.

Tako #1 was mad at me, though.  He/she was definitely not a fan of me today.  Blew water two or three times.  Which meant blew sand on himself too.  He did do it to himself.  No blame may be assigned to me on this score, other than making him mad, possibly. (Look carefully: you can just see his white siphon.  His own body color was dark maroon.)


I really don’t think it was something I said; normally, I just say “Thank you, God” and leave it at that! Sometimes I laugh, but today I didn’t, because he just looked so perturbed.  And then he got to sit in his den, with sand all over his face!

I was happy to see both tako 2 and 3.  Together again! Normally, I see one or the other.  Often enough that I wonder if there really are two there.  Two dens doesn’t always mean 2 octopuses.  But it did today.

I was also chuffed to see octopus 5.  I really should name them, because what is octopus 1 one day may be octopus 2 the next day, since I number them chronologically, not by location.

I was very happy to see octopus 5.  Not only was it in the same general area as last week (since I didn’t swim yesterday), but he seemed to have put on some body mass since last week.  And he also discovered that he could make his body maroon when he was mad or unhappy,.  Well, really, who knows what they might be thinking?!  But he did look angry.  I’m told octopuses are smart and have see film of them opening jars to get the food inside.  Quite smart really.  And with my growing arthritis, sometimes that is a chore even I cannot do, with thumbs and all!


And above, the happy couple.  I do not know how old they are.  But I am told that Hawaiian octopus such as these don’t live much more than one or two years.  I know I have been seeing octopus in these dens on the rocks for years and years, so I presume when one set dies, another moves in.  But really, I haven’t personal knowledge or ability to discern which one is really which, so it could have been a total parade of different octopuses and I wouldn’t know.

Saw lots of sand colored little crabs. Heard some shrimp.  And saw a very pretty Picasso trigger fish.  Those colors really make me believe in an imaginative and creative God: all those colors?  Those shapes?  Why would a regular fish need those colors to survive?  I think they have those colors to show God’s beauty.  But that’s just me.

So I did get out of the water early enough not only to make it to church safely, but also to share a bit of breakfast with my sweetheart.  We were both appreciative.

And now, as these words fly out of my fingers, I am seeing beautiful Hawaiian sunshine and a few clouds out of my window.  You could never tell that 20 minutes ago, the rain was pouring down.  But, as the saying goes, no rain, no rainbows!




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