Posted by: octogirl7 | November 3, 2013

8 legs 8 octopus…coincidence?


Yes, kids, I saw 8 octopuses today!  Very chuffed about that.  And for a Sunday, that is even more remarkable, although I didn’t sing at church today, so I had more time. 

Happy to announce, also, that two of the little ones were the same little ones from yesterday.  Glad they survived the night.  One kept up with the “freeze and stay the same color” theme as it did yesterday.  The other had graduated to “turn an angry maroon” overnight.  I know I didn’t tell it to do that!

I also saw 4 eels.  One big one that spooked me (it was hidden in the reef and I saw it moving along inside..was it coming after me?) and a couple that were just too small to worry about.  And then a snowflake, which showed only about 2 inches of its head outside the hole.  Awwww, cute!

And speaking of cute, the little humus were out.  Two Picasso triggers, one smaller than the previous.  I mean one was probably 2 inches long and the other less than that. (Not that I can put a ruler to them.) I will probably upload one of the teeny humu videos, even though they are short, just because they are so danged cute!

And tako 6 did something they haven’t been doing lately: it blew water at me.  Eventually I took the hint and moved on.

A small blueline snapper also appeared, hiding near a rock.  And when it saw me, it pretended it didn’t care, then zoomed into the hole in a rock.  I guess an adult woman can be somewhat intimidating.  Maybe it’s the black and blue of my dive skin.

And any tourists out there, don’t take it personally, but I LOVE it when I have the Bay practically to myself!  I usually start out that way, as I’m often the first one in the water, but when I got out today, there were probably only a dozen people swimming. Yahoo!  Lots of room for me to scoot around in.  And it also means that I don’t have to particularly watch who is going to swim into my path.

Well, except for the Speedo Torpedo!  I did have to flip out of his way today.  But he takes great pix, so I’m giving him a break this week.

Different types of visibility again, too.  Some cloudy water, some clear.  Tide was going out, so couldn’t really explain it.  But did enjoy the ride.

I noted, for the 2nd weekend, that the pair down on the right have apparently deserted their love nest.  Moved on.  It is curious to me, but it is somewhat easy to determine a “fresh” den from one that is deserted.  The latter has rocks around it, just like the fresh one, but the rocks seem dusty.  Like the sediment has accumulated and no movement has brushed it off.

Of course, I’ve been wrong about this a time or two: especially recently when I discovered that an eel had moved in.  Wasn’t a big fan of that!!! (The big green headed kind of eel, that has those big teeth.)

The sad thing is that the sunrise is coming later and later every weekend.  Of course, that’s God’s plan, but still!  Makes me wait a bit longer before I go in, as I have heard that sharks like the pre-sunrise time to eat.  Later in the year, the sun won’t come up until 7 a.m. and that puts a serious cramp in my plan.  But you know what they say: when we make plans, God laughs!

I’m just glad that sometimes I can laugh with Him!

Tako 6 about to blow water:


Tako 8 keeping calm. Look for the siphon, if you cannot immediately see the octopus.







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