Posted by: octogirl7 | October 27, 2013

Better visibility

A friend asked, when having seen one of my videos, why I called it a bad visibility day?  Well, lately at the Bay, there are pockets of good and bad visibility.  Oddly these areas change every day.  None of us “regulars” know what’s going on, but we still enjoy our swims.  So when I take a video, I try to get into the better visibility area.  Sometimes the octopus cooperate….

The video appears green sometimes when the sun isn’t up enough to have great light.  It can also be when I’m in deeper water.  Or when I’m shooting from farther away.

Today was a quick 1 hour swim with 3 octopuses!  I saw 2 regulars and the little guy, which I hope will become a regular.

He was interesting because he didn’t move once he saw me, nor did he change color.  This helped him hide better.  He was on top of a rock and it’s really hard to see him.  He kept very still.  I realized that often I see them because they move to sink down into their dens.  And the sighting gets confirmed when they change to that dark maroon color…then I know for sure it’s an octopus and not just a big piece of seaweed.  This little guy looked a lot like seaweed.

I also saw a cigar wrasse, but it was on the way out, so the video isn’t long or particularly interesting.  Also two big eels.  What is up with that?!  I wonder if they are eating my octopuses.

Another octopus had a white piece on his skin, looking like he’d been bitten.  I wish I could be there on a 24/7 guard, keeping them from those that want to eat them!

There was also a small turtle having breakfast.  But nothing major!

Still a good day in the water…


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