Posted by: octogirl7 | October 26, 2013

Nine octopuses…hoo ya!

Very thrilled to report 9 octopus sightings.  Not just because 2 of them were youngsters, but also because the visibility was still rather poor, so I was glad to see even one octopus!

You can imagine that when they try to hide with their colors and textures, bad visibility helps them even more.

Really enjoyed the swim, however.  One of the octopuses let me look for quite a while, so that was great.  One pulled a few rocks over on her head to try to hide.  Kinda like the eels, sometimes, though.  One could still see part of the leg and suckers, even though her head was hidden. 

And lots of eels! Two free swimming, 2 snowflakes and one thoroughly hidden in the rocks.  Well, mostly hidden, but you could see part of its back.  Looked like a big one, too.  And a big green headed moray in the former octo-den of one of my regulars! I like to think that the octopus got out in time, but I wasn’t there at the time the eel moved in, so cannot say for sure…

I also spotted a huge cornet fish, which appeared to have a chunk of food (probably a fish), in its jaw.  Inside, that is.  Hadn’t quite completely swallowed it.

There were two peacock groupers today.  One huge one and one smaller, prettier one.  I say prettier because of the nice blue fins, but apparently they eat too much on the reef, so they are frowned upon by the regulars. 

Tako 7 was being filmed when I noted another regular swimmer, so I looked over and was surprised by the 2nd swimming eel and trevally.  I think the trevally likes to follow the eel, in case there are scraps of food.  But who knows?


Just love these little critters!




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