Posted by: octogirl7 | October 19, 2013

Flat Water

As I walked down the hill today toward the Bay, I was very happy to see flat water. Almost as flat as a piece of paper!  Only one area had any waves coming in at all.  Very good sign.

And the water was nice…for the most part.  We did have some bad vis in unexpected areas. I actually turned around on the left, since it was so cloudy.  I really don’t like to meet animals sooner than I expect.

I did see 7 octopus, however.  That was because I went outside the inner reef!

Normally, I don’t do that because I’m on my own, the water is a lot deeper and sometimes it can be hard getting back in, if the tide is forcing water out.

But today, being so flat, I decided I’d be ok.  I did have a barracuda come take  a look at me, but he moved off. (I caught him on video..see youtube octopigirl7)

I was thrilled to see two young octopuses: the latter hid beneath a rock as I came back in from the deeper water. I am surely glad I ventured outside, as I got to see a group of black durgon.  They are so pretty, with the blue lines going down their backs and stomachs.  If you catch them in just the right light, you can see colors on their faces too, with black underneath.

And the 5th octopus I spotted outside! Normally in deeper water, they can hide more easily.  But I was gifted with this one that moved to the bottom of a coral head, and changed color, then froze.  I’ll upload what I got of him…

There was also a peacock grouper.  They are really lovely fish, with pretty blue spots, but I’m told that they are the scourge of the reef: they apparently eat a lot of everything!

I could have stayed outside in the deeper water forever, but there were a strange particles in the water.  At first I thought it was fish scales, but they didn’t have that texture.  Some had strings on them, too.  I tried to catch ’em on video, but since they were mostly colorless, it’s hard to discern what they might be.

A great way to start any day.




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