Posted by: octogirl7 | October 12, 2013

9 octopus a barracuda and the world’s tiniest pipe fish!

I was SO treated today! Nine octopus.  3 of those were young (awwwww).  Love seeing that!  and a barracuda almost made me turn around and go another way.  He looked hungry.  (And no, I don’t know how I knew he was male….just guessing.) But he moved off before long, so I was free to go my way.

And I saw the world’s tiniest pipefish.  I think.  It was orange, about an inch maybe an inch and a half long. Caught it on tape, but it moved around so much, hard to really see.

What I could see was the tail: it had that fin that is so indicative of a pipefish.  I’ll investigate soon.

The water was high tide and more clear than any other day this weekend, so far.  I almost went outside, but if I had, wouldn’t have had that great octo-count.

Instead, I went all the way down on the right side of the Bay.  Almost to Witches Brew. I rarely get that far, but today the water was clear enough and deep enough for it.

I saw the huge cone shell again.  Guestimate is 6 inches long.  It looked so huge and possibly so alive that I didn’t really mess with it at all.

Lots of eels out today too.  Well, out is a relative term.  Lots of eels, lurking in holes, waiting for breakfast.

Saw a lot of little fish too.  In addition to the pipefish, saw small treadfin butterflies, convict tang, sergeant major, little wrasse.

And I saw the loving couple from yesterday, which I call the Pair from Hier.  Hier is French for yesterday and it rhymes with pair, so….ok, give me a break.  I haven’t been back from France for too long, I”m still thinking about it!

I waggled my finger at the pair, but they didn’t seem to react.  Well, other than originally, when they moved down into the dens to hide.  Wouldn’t I freak if one actually waved back?!

Don’t know if I mentioned Boston.  Our friends were kind enough to visit the aquarium with us and it was a treat.  They had an octopus there, of the reddish variety.  And as I gazed at her in the tank, I noted something in the upper left hand corner: eggs!

What a buzz that was.  Turns out that they are unfertilized, so they never hatch.  Don’t know if she still dies after a certain time.  

I don’t like to think about that.  Just seems so unfair that they lay eggs, lavish love on them, by blowing water past them to keep them clean, then after they hatch, she dies! Seriously?

So just in case you want to have an octopus in your tank, DON’T!  They will die too soon.

But glad I’m getting to see them while they are still changing color and texture.



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