Posted by: octogirl7 | September 9, 2013

Bad, bad trevally!

Just to demonstrate how important it is to be ready with a flick of a button to take video:

I had seen a couple of my regular octopuses.  It was Sunday, so I had to do some speed snorkelling.

I was thinking of the next direction to head out in, and decided to check on an empty den that I had seen earlier, near shore.  Before my surprised eyes, here flew an octopus, with a trevally in hot pursuit. 


I did get it going for the octopus sliding down into its den.  Too late to catch the entry flight, but not too late to catch that bit of white on its “shoulder.”  Had the trevally actually taken a piece out of my octopus pal?

Bad, bad trevally!

Yes, I know that it is God’s plan that predators prey on other animals.  But really?  An octopus never hurt anybody!

Well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration.

I’m just thankful for the regenerative powers of the octopus!  I will have to look for it next weekend, to see if it survived.

So, a total of 8 octopus.  the same number in half the time of Saturday!

Octopuses 6 and 7 were there again today…next to each other.  The former was again putting rocks out of its den.  The latter was sitting there, just waiting for me to film it. I love the feeling I get when I’m watching them: like they are just watching, wondering what the heck I am.

And a big yellow margin eel scared me.  I looked around and it was  coming toward me.  It was so close, and bearing down on me, that I almost didn’t have time to take any video!  I was really just thinking to get away.  It moved a bit in my direction, then changed course and swam away.  Thankfully! Usually, they don’t keep on coming, but this one seemed bent on visiting with me, as I jerked to get away.

I was happy to see the #5 octopus, too, once again home on the reef.


you can see the little siphon, a pretty good indication that it wasn’t a full adult.  But very cute always.

The sunrise was again glorious.  I never take that beauty for granted.  Thank you, God!

PS I didn’t post yesterday, but did see a big cowry shell.  I didn’t pick it up or otherwise bother it…just filmed.  It practically hurt me to leave it there!  But I did have the feeling it was occupied, so I couldn’t have taken it, even if not in a marine preserve. 


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