Posted by: octogirl7 | September 7, 2013

Together Again

Well, faithful readers, today the octopuses that were a pair a few weeks ago were back!

VERY happy to see two octopuses near each other.  And no, it’s not voyeurism!  I’m just glad when octopuses can get along.  Especially if eventually that means more octopuses!

Did I previously mention that I hope one day to score that end-all, be-all film event and catch tiny baby octopuses emerging from their eggs?  Would that be a hit or what?! (And by catch, I mean catch on film, of course.  I would never catch an actual octopus!!!)

When I first came down the hill, Hanauma Bay was absolutely empty. Just how i like it!

No one on the beach.  No humans in the water.  Just the pretty water, clouds, stillness and quiet. Ahhhh!

Of course, I had to spoil that by getting in.  But I guess the Labor Day holiday signaled most vacationers going home, because there were markedly fewer people in the water.  That’s all good for me. No one to bump into.  No one to apologize to.  No one to yell at! (I do try to avoid the latter.)

I saw a total of 8 octopuses.  A good number for Saturday.  My first videos were not youtube quality, as the clouds had combined with the early hour to have hazy visibility.  In fact, even after it rained on me for about 3 minutes, the clouds remained, so there were spots that continued to be hazy.

A fact of which I became dramatically aware, when I turned to the right and found a big adult Yellow Margin Moray eel!  It was big enough and close enough and with its mouth open enough, that I didn’t even think of taking a video, but got the heck outa there!

There was a little fish treat, too.  I mean, literally, a little fish treat: several baby fishes.  Sergeant majors and manini of course.  But also a small milletseed butterfly and a small raccoon butterfly fish.  So cute!

I also saw a group of 4 yellow finned surgeon fish.  They are the first fish I remember enjoying when I first moved to Hawaii.  So pretty with the yellow contrast to the blue.

Tako 5 took some time to just keep looking at me.  The video turned out too long, but I also took a quick video of my face, so I could remember what the octopus saw.  Doubtless pretty scary for the octopus.

Tako 3 moved some rocks out of his den, and also blew some sand out.  Don’t blame me for the sandy look he later had!

Tako 4 and 5 both let me videotape them.  Got some nice photos.

It was a great day to be in the water.  I think the rain kept some folks away, so it was great to be able to swim around and not bump into anyone. 

I am so thankful that I can enjoy the lovely Hawaiian scenery every weekend. Thanks, God!



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