Posted by: octogirl7 | August 31, 2013

There was love in the ……water?!

Yes, there was love in the water today!  Two pairs of octopuses, setting up housekeeping near each other.  How charming!

My pastor’s wife asked: how do they do it?  I told her about the arms and the amazing creative ability of our God.  Who could think this stuff up?  I mean, sperm traveling down an arm?!!!

I had to laugh when one octopus of the 2nd pair blew sand out.  I think it was just housekeeping, but it ended up with a fine layer of sand on itself, too.  It looked rather upset, but I didn’t do it…..

At one point, in the first pair of octopuses, I thought that the octopus was pushing a rock out of its den with one of its legs.  Turns out it was a sea cucumber that the octopus was trying to get out of its way.  Didn’t work, though.  I think the cucumber just fell back into the hole. 

I also got some video of sad coral: formerly, a really pretty head of pink coral.  Now with pieces broken off.  I don’t KNOW that someone walked on it, but don’t have many other options of how it happened.

Oddly, both pairs also had an eel in a hole nearby.  I am hoping that the eel swims away without eating either of them.

Also saw that darned peppered moray.  At least this time, it was in a hole, just watching little fish, with its just its snout out.

So, a total of 9 octopuses.  A great way to start the weekend.  And 4 eels.  Two greenheaded, a snowflake and a white mouth moray.  The latter was quite pretty.  Kinda fresh looking like it hadn’t lived long enough to get really dirty. 

And at first in the swim, I was thinking I’d never look underwater: the sunrise was that pretty!


I am constantly amazed at how cool the octopuses are! (Of course, I am prejudiced by seeing their coolness each weekend) Able to change color and skin texture, able to let you know they are watching you.  And, apparently if my new French friend is any indication, able to scare people! ha.  Seeing them as often as I do, it’s very hard to imagine being scared by them.  Now, eels are a totally different story!


How could anyone be afraid of such a cute face?  After all, they love to play in the sand…




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