Posted by: octogirl7 | August 29, 2013

Seule et avec Helene

Yes, you might wonder: who is speaking French and what have you done with octogirl7?

My hubby and I had the pleasure of hosting a young lady from France this week!  I was very happy to meet her and practice a little of my very rusty French language skills!

And even more fun was the fact that she wanted to go swimming!  I was able to take the morning off yesterday and take her to Hanauma Bay.  What a treat!

Of course, we had just picked her up the previous evening, so I had no clue about what she might want to do in the 14 hours she had with us. Shop? Swim? Eat?

She said SWIM!  So I was very excited to take her and introduce her to her first ocean snorkel.

However, we hadn’t had an opportunity to get any gear for her and the rental place at the Bay doesn’t open until 7 a.m.  So while she snapped pictures of the beautiful scenery from our beach chair, I took a quick dip.  Saw 2 octopuses and 2 eels.  So when we went out, I kept away from that area, thinking eels would probably not be her favorite thing to see.

She said she was a good swimmer.  I said in a pool or in the ocean?  She said Pool.  I said, inwardly: uh-oh!

But after a small lesson, she was able to swim with me like a pro.  After we took off that big wetsuit! I had loaned her my wetsuit, thinking it would make her more buoyant and less likely to sink like a stone, since she had no body fat.  I mean NONE!  I mean, I was practically green with envy.  But instead of helping her, the wetsuit was way too big for her, so it kept most of her body above the water. It was comical. Picture a beautiful slender girl with the middle part of her body the size of a fullback! ha

Once we were acclimated, we steered around some groups of people and were surprised to see a mating pair of octopus! I was trying to film them and felt something gripping my arm: it was her.  She told me later she was afraid, so she held onto my arm.  Afraid?  Of Hawaiian octopus?!  Surely this could not be!!

So I saw a total of 5 octopuses; she saw 2.  The day was absolutely breathtakingly lovely. A few lovely white clouds.  Blue sky.  Wonderful water.  Breaking waves on the Witches Brew side, but not where it would affect us.  Lovely.  Never happier than in the presence of God’s great creations!


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