Posted by: octogirl7 | August 25, 2013

Six by 7

Six octopuses sighted before 7 a.m.  That’s progress!

High tide let me find a total of 7 in the hour I was swimming.  But the visibility was pretty poor, because of the high tide and waves.  Some of the video would make you seasick! Since I don’t prop my camera on anything, It moves when the water does. So you see a bit of washer machine action on my videos.

But the octopuses were accommodating.  I saw 3 regulars, still alive and kicking!  Well, alive anyway….

Also saw one octopus that had been missing for quite a while, out near the left side of the reef.  So it was neat to see someone in that octo-den.

I also saw a Picasso humu run through the water.  Curious, I looked behind me and saw that it had been running from a barracuda!  I caught both on video, not for long, though.  They were moving out of the frame pretty quickly.

And it is possible that octopuses have stress too.  I’m not sure which of us was stressing out tako #6 more: me or the bluefin trevally circling its den. It turned that dark maroon color, a sure sign it’s mad at something.

Octopus #7 was small, so probably not very old.  Used to call them teenagers, but octopuses in this area don’t live nearly that long! two years tops.

Sad isn’t it?  Well, a vibrant life well lived.

I saw a couple of Picasso triggers (if you don’t know this fish, please check google for it…very pretty!) that moved toward their hidey-holes.  The first one was adult-sized, the 2nd to do it was about 2 inches long. Oh so cute.

The humu do that when they don’t want to deal with whatever is around.  They have a spike-like thing on their heads that they can raise.  I’m told that it’s so they can go into a hole, raise this spike, and not be pulled out.  I of course wouldn’t dream of trying to touch a humu, let alone pull it out of a hole, but some people are less careful about what they do to animals.  I’ve seen people try to touch an octopus….needless to say, they get on my bad side!!! And they hear from me about it too.  Just because it is a protected marine area where I swim (Hanauma Bay).

Always great to glide through the water, enjoying God’s creatures.  Also great to get to church with 10 minutes to spare! 


You can see tako #6 in this photo.  Later, she changed to dark maroon, because she got mad. I twinkled my fingers at her, just to tell her I apologized.



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