Posted by: octogirl7 | August 18, 2013

Six eels; five octopus…the eels win!

Well, eels are not as cute as octopus, nor able to change their color and texture of skin, but they did show up in bigger numbers today.

That old peppered moray made two appearances.  First, the gaping jaws thing, while fully out and “standing” on the sand.  Then it swam off.  Only to head toward the rocks in the shallow end of the populated pool.  So I swam over to advise the two visitors about to swim that way that they might not want to!

I also saw a white mouth moray, a green headed moray, jaws agape, as well as two snowflakes.  And one that I only saw the jaw of, so couldn’t tell much about it, except that its lower jaw was dark brown and that it was hiding quite successfully in a hole in the reef.  Surprisingly, small fish swam right in front of it!  I’m told they don’t have good eye sight, so perhaps that’s why it didn’t swallow them.  Or perhaps it was because they wouldn’t have made much of a mouthful.

So 5 octopuses.  Enjoyed every one of them.  One was a “regular” that I’ve been checking on recently.  It is pretty close to shore in rocks, and has two tiny sentinel sergeant major fish darting around in front of it.  Perhaps they warns the octopus when something threatening shows up.

Me? A threat?

Yes, if I ate tako and if it weren’t a protected marine preserve! (Which I don’t, by the way.  Wouldn’t even consider eating octopus.  In fact, squid is a problem too.  They are just too fascinating to eat!)

I’m still debating about uploading the video of tako 2….a little bit of poo blew past him, while he was in his den, so I thought there was perhaps a sea cucumber in there with him.

Also saw the world’s tiniest Picasso trigger!  I tell ya, no more than an inch and a half all told.  Very cute.  Very quick.  And eventually, very missing! It went into a hole and never came out again.

A group of about 30 small goatfish hovered around for a minute.  As my husband would say, they are cute when they’re pups!

Tako 4 let me take a good long look and thus, good long video.  Eventually I discovered that there was a hole also above the octopus, so I could take a video of it showing through two different openings in the rock.  Quite picturesque!  and so cute. Until it blew water at me!

As you’ll remember, that always makes me laugh.  The unexpectedness of it.  It’s been a while since one has tried to get rid of me that way.  Usually, they just sink into their dens and move into obscurity.

Octopus 5 gave me good pix of his eyes….they were paused right about the reef and rocks.  In some of the shots, it’s hard to tell which is a maroon rock and which is a maroon octopus!


See what I mean?!

Kindly kept his head above the rocks, though, until I had to leave for church.

Not only was I on time for rehearsal, but no fingers were lost in the production of the films!



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