Posted by: octogirl7 | August 16, 2013

It was going to be 16 on the 16th

But somebody, who shall remain nameless, lost track of the numbering system.  So #6 became #5, and by the time I got over 11 and its partner 12, I was pretty messed up in the counting! You see, I flip over my octo-numbering sheets when I see one, so I’m ready for the next one.  But sometimes in my excitement, I can flip too soon or too late and get messed up. Guess the really important thing isn’t how many, but how cool they are!

Leave it to say that I saw over a dozen octopuses and that was a great number!

Even if it really was 13 or 14 or 15 or 16!

I was so excited by the little octopus, that I lost track when I saw it.  It sat in its den, next to a rock.  Its head was about the size of my ring finger tip.  I’m talkin’ a small octopus!  And wisely very careful when it saw me. Hiding is a life preserving skill, if you’re an octopus.

Well, careful in this case means it sank into its hole.  Sadly, they are also curious in addition to careful, so before long it did pop its little head out of its den to look at me again.  But it didn’t venture out.  And not wanting to scare it further, I left the area.

Mostly adult octopuses that I saw, though.  In fact, two sets of two, so there will be procreating going on this weekend.  I didn’t catch procreating video, but I did catch housekeeping.  One of the duo was moving rocks around, so I cast my squinties and camera on the housework.  With all those suckers, they can move things around really well.

And as I believe I noted last week, they are aces at balancing rocks, too.  I counted lots of apparently empty dens, with rocks balanced near and down the sides of the entry hole.

There was a turtle eating breakfast, but the visibility in that area wasn’t good, so I won’t bore anyone with the video. I titled the video Honu eating breakfast, but when they eat all day long does it really keep being breakfast?  I’ll have to make up a word for eating all day long…surely it isn’t breakfast or lunch or dinner, because those have an end.

Home Improvement octopus #2 was a hoot. Remember the Home Improvement show with Tim Allen?  Remember that noise he made when he was astonished or stumped by a behavior?  Well, the octopus made a head movement that reminds me of that noise: Raising one portion of its head, one eye lower than the other. The movement, makes me think of that noise.

Just one barracuda today.  One trunkfish. No flounder! One free swimming eel. And a pair of bluefin trevally.  Large-ish, but beautiful.  Except their eyes. They have pretty, electric blue color on their bodies, but their eyes always seem dead.  Perhaps that’s just when compared with octo-eyes, which seem so expressive to me. 

You have heard me mention Found By Trevally previously,  Trevally will circle an eel or octopus, I think hoping to catch some leftover food.  (God forbid they might be hunting an octopus!!!) Well, today I had a new one: found by crab carcass!

I saw the crab carcass, empty, come flying out of a hole.  Meaning there was something in that hole that ate that crab.  Meaning probably an octopus!  Although I know that other crabs, as well as other animals, can hunt crabs, I alsoImage know they are a favorite food of my pals the octopuses. And yes, Tako #7 was in the hole nearby.  Enjoying, no doubt, his/her breakfast!

When I arrived the sky was kind of forbidding and there was rain offshore.  But wonderful anyway. The tide looked low, but within the two hours and twenty minutes I was kicking around, the tide rose high enough that I was able to get down to my favorite, less visited area and found octopuses there too. 

They always look surprised when I arrive.  I’m not sure how they actually show that.  But they do change color and usually sink down into their holes.  But the pairs today didn’t seem particularly worried.

I also spotted what I can only assume were eggs of some marine animal.  They were orange, and attached to a rock. I’ll have to scout around to see if I can determine what they are.

A great day in the water.


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