Posted by: octogirl7 | August 7, 2013

No octopus post! No, really!

Yes, it might be hard to believe that I will post something that doesn’t mention octopus.  (Well, other than having already done so twice!!!)

This post will be about desks, work, Chaka mad, big annual events and the elephant on the beach.

The last, first.

Saw a really cute couple of videos today on Yahoo about a baby elephant.  The first one shows the elephant trying to fit into a kiddie pool.  Don’t know what was so cute about it, other than the hard time it was having fitting in the little pool!

It did eventually do it, though, and so cute.  There is just something about elephants and little ones even more so.

The next video showed the same elephant baby in the surf at the ocean in Thailand. Romping! Yes it was!  Carefree and happy.  It even dove under the waves and came back up.  Probably extremely thrilled to feel cooler and clean.

Speaking of clean, my desk at home isn’t!

I noticed this morning that I am horizontal-space challenged.  If there is a horizontal space, there is something in me that forces me to put something on it: paperwork. Jewelry I’ve just taken off.  My camera for the weekend. The latest book(s) I am reading. Sometimes my Bible, although I tend to put that back in its planned place.

And it wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have this same horizontal-space handicap on EVERY horizontal space in my house!

The 2nd desk in the living room has papers, books, and octopus art (there I go again with the octopus!).  And my two wooden tv trays are usually piled high with books, beading materials, as well as my most recent beading project, and fabric that I really MUST get sewing! 

The coffee table near my part of the sofa is filled up too. At least I have put my Hello Kitty pens, manicure stuff, earrings and other detritus in a little wire basket.  So I can at least pretend I’m organized! But the table is also filled with the latest sales newspapers, Nat Geo magazines and mail.  Granted, all this stuff is important, else I would have thrown it away.  But must it really be cluttering up my horizontal spaces? So frustrating!

And speaking of frustrating, Chaka Mad!

I don’t know where my hubby and I first heard that expression, but it comes via Chaka Khan.  She is a powerful being, so her being mad is like the height of mad!

My reason for being mad is work-related.

I have noted over the years that there is no perfect job.  There is always at least one person who hacks me off on a daily basis.  And it shows I am not a very good person, too.  I hold onto the things that seem unfair (like work is supposed to be fair!)  or irritating or just too stupid.  

I take some comfort in the fact that others are also hacked off about certain things at my current office.  But really.  Why do execs make decisions that are doomed to fail?  Can they not see what they are doing?

Anyway, this made me mad yesterday.  People being promoted who don’t deserve it.  Really, it’s a shuffling around of people who don’t do well in one job, so they get moved to another, so they can mess that one up too!  Sounds stupid, doesn’t it?! But I am not the one in charge…..

So I am praying and hoping and waiting to see what God leads me to do in this scenario.

And that’s why no octopuses in this post!  Waiting for God to show me which way to go. And getting this angst off my chest, so I can move on, do my job and excel.

I’ll let you know how that goes!

Almost forgot to mention annual big events.  I really dislike having to work on annual events.  Maybe it’s because I’m aging, but from one November to the next, I seem to forget some of the nuances that made last year’s event wonderful.  And how to make it that way again this year.  

What’s easy to remember is that It’s a time of waiting for others.  To give me info.  To get things done.  To complete the planning.  And you know what slides downhill.  And I’m at the bottom of this particular hill, because once all the other decisions have been made, I’m the one responsible for getting it into a semblance of order, making the copies and printing this program! 

All under a deadline, of course.  I tell my boss every year that we should discontinue this particular event.  No joy so far!

I’ll keep you posted on this, too.

Meanwhile, praise God for His blessings!  Some days they seem far away, but truly I am blessed.




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