Posted by: octogirl7 | August 4, 2013

Ah, Sunday!

I was able to relax almost immediately today.  Even though I knew there would be time pressure, I saw 3 octopus right away, so I was set.

Did I mention?  I think 3 or 4 is my “baseline” for octo sightings.  Fewer than that, and I think I’m slacking. More than that is all gravy.

So today, 4 was just right. Oh, and by the way, that’s in 70 minutes.  Pretty good average, I’d say.

The first one was the female half of the recent mated pair.  No sign of Lover-boy, but didn’t really expect him to still be in the neighborhood. As she did the past 2 days, she stayed well within her den.  Only because I saw her backing up in the den and an quick glimpse of the siphon, did I know she was there.

Octopus #2 was on top of the reef.  As was #3.  SO hard to get there with this low tide.  But they obligingly popped up over the rocks so I could catch a glimpse.

Octopus #4 was quite calm about my arrival.  For her, I had to wait until the end of the dive.  So she rewarded me by just sitting there.  Albeit an angry reddish maroon! But still: no sliding down into her den.  No flight.  Just sat there for my camera.

During my travels, I also happened upon the very pretty Picasso trigger fish.  You can see the video.  At first, I stopped to film the littler of the two, just because they are so pretty.  Then it charged me! On the film, you can hear me giggling.  Then you can hear me say Uh-Oh! As the larger one joined into the attack mode.  This is the only type of fish that is ever aggressive with me. But as I moved away, they forgot me entirely.

Gotta say: when octopus peek at me from their dens, it just sends me into gladness.  They are so interactive!  You definitely know that they are registering that you are there.  Unlike most of the fish, who don’t seem to care one way or another.  Of course, said fish are hunting for breakfast, so they can be excused if they don’t look at me for friendship.

I have had a few people lately ask me how I resist petting the octopus.  Well, couple of answers:

1. It is a marine preserve, so we are not supposed to mess with the wildlife.  Well, other than being in their environment, which does mess with them quite a bit.

2. I wouldn’t want them to become familiar with the human touch and then go somewhere where people hunt them!

3. I’m afraid that an octopus I try to pet would really withdraw into the den and never come out again!

Finally, after sighting #4, I decided to head for the beach where I get out and get out! So I could get to church and singing practice on time. 

Which I did! I even got there early enough to have a couple of cranberry pancakes! yum.

Here’s one of my octopuses peeking at me:


Almost forgot to mention also saw a turtle having breakfast.  and 3 eels.  Nobody bit me.


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