Posted by: octogirl7 | July 28, 2013

I trounced the Tinman! or 6 before 7!

Those of you that are sports-oriented probably already knew the Tinman Triathlon would be in town today.

I found out yesterday.

Now, granted, I can swim for 2-1/2 hours and thoroughly enjoy it.  Even today, when returning to the beach to leave, I was swimming against high tide and current going against me.  But for octo-sightings, I’ll do a lot! But running and biking are not my sports.

Since I saw the Tinman road advisory signs on my way to the beach yesterday, I knew it was upon us.  What I could not discover at the Tinman website, however, was the timing of the whole thing! Route? yes. Entry form? yes.  Maybe I just didn’t look hard enough.

After all, it always ticks me off that we have to move around these sporting events.  I get nothing out of them but traffic snarls.

Anyway, today I got up early.  I was at the scenic overlook near the Bay by 4:11 a.m.  Yup, you heard me right. Crazy I know.  But I was prepared with my morning Bible reading, 2 devotionals, my prayer list and my book of Scriptures that i copy down each day.  I mean I was loaded!

I also had 2 peanut butter crackers, had swallowed by vitamins before leaving home, and a little lantern, freshly loaded with batteries.  What could go wrong? HA!

The lantern which worked at home with its new batteries totally gave up the ghost when I needed it.  (Of course, it’s still dark at 4:11 a.m.) So I read my Bible via the light of my Kindle! That’s how I also read the other daily items.  John Stott, the author of one of the devos, is really different via Kindle light.

I will say this, however: I love it when my quiet time is really QUIET!

Other than the occasional car sliding by, it was quiet.  I had a chance to really talk to God, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I normally do not get quiet at home, as we have the requisite ambulances, Harleys, screaming scooters and the two little darling dogs next door, who love to bark with very little reason. 

Anyway, I digress.  I really enjoyed waiting for the park to open. I even enjoyed the 10 minutes of rain I heard.  Of course, I thought “If I came this early to swim, by george, I am going to swim, rain or no rain!”

It stopped.  I did get a bit of video of the rain when it started again and stopped while i was in the water.  But mostly, it was a great swim. HIgh tide!  I was able to get over the rocks without dragging anything. Visibility was not great, but hey! There were octopus.

Getting ahead of the story though.  When I pulled into the H Bay parking line about 5:10, I asked Dan what time he got there.  He replied oh about 10 minutes ago!  I said, no way.  Wasn’t there traffic for the race?  He said, nah!

So I totally didn’t need to worry about the race messing with me, but I was happy for the good quiet time anyway.  The lights just coming on, a green blinking light out in the harbor.  And the stars!  WOW!  I foolishly tried to videotape the stars, which completely did not work.  I’m not sure if you can film the stars, but I gave it a shot.

I also happily got the walking to the beach video, which shows no one else on the beach.  Doesn’t sound like much, but if you have been to this beach, you know how rare it is to be able to see it with no one there! 

So on to the octo-adventures.

I saw 6 octopuses by 7 a.m.!  (7 total) Since I started at 6:20, that works out to about one every 7 minutes.  I was chuffed to see one of my occasional regulars.  He was being tormented by a trevally and was hidden in the rock.  Once I showed up, I tried to scare the trevally away, but since they don’t like us messing with the animals, that meant i swam toward it, once. Hardly enough to make it go away.

It was a toss-up which of us bothered the octopus more, me or the fish, so eventually I gave way and went on to see other tako.

Filmed sunrise twirl and rainy twirl.  It is a constant amazement to me how different an area can be, based on time and weather.  A nice sunrise in 20 minutes or so became a rainy, gray day.  Albeit with pretty clouds.

And God gave me octopus #2. I try to listen for His direction when I swim.  Sounds crazy, I know.  The King of the Universe takes time to show me animals?  But I tell ya, He does.

I ask for safety and direction when I get in.  And then I hear “Turn Left!” or “Speed up!” and when I do it, I usually see an octopus.  Often in a place where I wouldn’t expect one.  And that’s how I have seen the two recently who honestly looked exactly like seaweed!

They stay very still.  The color themselves the same gray/green color of seaweed.  They hide in a hole in the rock.  The only thing that gives them away is the eyes: the are small brownish slits that I can spot. 

It blows my mind that they can make themselves stay so still, while facing what could be a major predator (and is, in other parts of the Hawaiian ocean.  The Bay is protected.)

Occasionally they will turn dark maroon, if I hang out long enough.  But on Sunday, since I was planning to go to church, I had to mash more viewing into a shorter time period.

And for those of you who think I only care about octopus, I have uploaded on youtube a little video of a pretty blue trunkfish (look for octopigirl7). Also, I got a too short video of a little nursery, which had a small yellow tang, some tiny manini, sergeant major and goatfish.  That are so cute when they are pups!

I have noted that the octopuses who don’t freak out are generally adults.  Perhaps having lived this long, they know no one is allowed to mess with them.  I have heard that octopuses are quite smart, so to me, it’s possible they have sussed this out.

Octopus 6 showed some of its pretty turquoise around its siphon.  Noticed this only later, when I was viewing the videos.

A total of seven octopus.  LOVE THAT!

Also loved getting to church on time.  I saw only 2 bicyclists on the way back.  They were followed by 3 cops on motorcycles.  Now THAT’S service!

I have also been following a pencil urchin.  Here’s the photo:

ImageIf you look carefully, you can see shorter “Pencils” amongst the longer ones.  Not sure how they break or fall off, but these looked to be growing back in.  A little investigation is called for.

So, my apologies to the Tinman planning team.  Got everywhere I needed to today, on time. My hat’s off to ya!



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