Posted by: octogirl7 | July 7, 2013

Who knew 4 would be a great number?!

As you might imagine, normally 4 is not an earthshaking number when it comes to octopus sightings.

However, it is SUNDAY! and my count yesterday was 2 maybe 3.  So FOUR is a great number! (Can we just say, however, how far it is from my record of 25!?  Will I ever surpass that?)

Plus, I have the life rule that any day with an octopus is a good day, so….

The first tako saw me early, unfortunately, so it hunkered back down in its den.  But then it moved sand out from under itself, so I caught that on video.  (I haven’t uploaded it yet, so I’ll have to see if it is good enough.)

I caught some video of a blue trevally (omilu) circling.  I wasn’t sure what it was waiting to catch.  I thought at first it might be an octopus or an eel, so I was searching under things, too, in the hopes it was the former.

But I saw neither.

What I did see was a pretty orange-y wrasse, hiding underneath a bit of coral rock.  Obviously hoping not to be seen!  I wished I had been there when the fish went under the rock.  I thought probably it had been chased! But the fish kept hiding and the omilu kept circling, so I do not know who eventually won.

I was surprised to be able to get out to my favorite spot today. I was not expecting to, as the tide was going toward low, low, low!  But the Speedo Torpedo was in the deeper area, so I decided to break out to an area he wouldn’t go, so he wouldn’t scare any of my critters.  And there were a couple of octopus, so it was worth the trip.

And I did have to get out down there.  I barely skimmed over the rocks going down, so an hour later, I would have been very surprised to get back over those same rocks without scraping along.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but today’s swim was about an hour and a quarter.  Normally, when the sched isn’t torturing me, I’m able to swim for 2 to 2 and a half hours. Although I saw more octopuses today than yesterday, so who knows how many octopus I’ll see, even in a shorter time?

I also saw a very cute snowflake moray eel.  (As opposed to the not-so-cute green mouth moray!).  I’ll look to see if I have a good photo.


A cutie, right?! They often do that: just sit in their designated spot, and wait for some food to come along.  Fortunately, I was not a prey item.

Who knows all the neat animals one might run into.  With the other eels, though, probably better not to RUN into them! And since I sometimes rant in this blog, may I just say I really don’t like those divers who insist on feeding or petting the eels?

What is the next, unsuspecting diver gonna do when this big eel charges out toward him, expecting more food?!  I say, let’s leave the wild animals just that: wild!



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