Posted by: octogirl7 | July 4, 2013

8 on the 4th

Twice as many octopus viewed as days into the month..a great start!

I was treated to some nice views, including a surprise couple.  Tako 4 and tako 5 were very chummy, in separate dens very close to one another.  Probably 8 inches away, just guessing. They probably had a date, which I had interrupted.  So I swam on.

The female (at least I thought it was a she) stayed deep into her den.  I noted her pal first, who sat outside his den, just looking for trouble.  Until I arrived.

He sank back down into the den, turning maroon.  I do hate to make ’em mad, but when will they learn that I don’t mean them any harm?  I mean, I don’t even eat octopus from a pond that allows hunting!  Which Hanauma Bay definitely does not.

I saw some of the littler fish running, and it turned out an omilu was coming through.  And he bypassed a turtle having breakfast.  Not a great video so I won’t bore you with it, but I do have some decent shots on youtube at octopigirl7 of other things.

I caught a bit of a sailfin tang and its sail.  Not something I see very often, but they are quite pretty when they open that sail up.

I was chuffed to see an octopus in the rock near the stick.  Only occasionally do I see anyone home in there.  This one was also kinda mad and looked a bit put out, but didn’t sink all the way into its den, so I guess backing off helped a bit.  I am constantly surprised how the fish that buzz by don’t seem to even notice the octopus, for the most part.

Octopus #7 blew at me 3 times, but I pretended not to catch his hint that I should leave.

I noted again that light makes such a big difference!  When the clouds came over a bit, the light went away.  Didn’t stop me from seeing things, but did convince me that video wouldn’t be my best.  Also, didn’t help that many other people were there for the 4th, and they were beginners, who needed to walk on the sandy bottom and the coral.

When I went over to Sandman’s patch, a small boy excitedly swam toward me, and warned me not to venture outside the barrier reef:  Rogue Waves! he cried.  His mom allowed that they weren’t really rogue waves, and I told her and the boy that I had no intention of going outside. When I swam into Sandman’s Patch further, I noticed a few fish doing weird fast swimming up and down, seemingly afraid of something.  Not seeing what it was, I left the area.  (There was a small white mouth eel, but nothing to be afraid of, as far as I could tell.)

Although I had considered going outside earlier, when there are so many people, they tend to really mess up the water and since the tide was low, there were some places I couldn’t get to.  But there were waves and the tide was going out.  Getting back in might have been more than I could handle.  The rule is never swim alone!  So when I do, I try to err on the side of caution.

Also found myself taking a stand against evolution.  Not only do I believe in God, but I also see all the differences between fishes even of the same type, that I cannot imagine this “just happened by chance.”  Some parrots have white near their tails.  Their males have bright blue color, with really pretty designs.  I see such diversity that it is hard to imagine they came about without a grand design…and a grand designer!


I kept trying to get both takos 4 and 5 in the same shot.  I succeeded, just barely, in this one. Tako 4 is in the upper can just see his eye.  Tako 5 is harder to see.  Find the gray sand and little pebbles, then follow it up and to the left of the bottom right of the photo.  You can see her eye just a bit.  She was definitely more shy than her friend!

Just makes me happy that there will probably be more little octopuses before too long.  And sad that the parents die when the new ones are born.  (The female doesn’t eat while watching and cleaning her eggs, so she has no energy remaining by the end of that work.)

I do have a goal to at one point find octopuses just as they are hatching.  Big goal!  If you want to see little guys by a real photographer, look at  Now they know what they are doing!



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