Posted by: octogirl7 | June 12, 2013

Low battery at the wrong time!

Today I had a recently “refurbished” camera.  First time using it and suddenly it stops working! Grrrr!

I had thought to take BOTH cameras into the water with me, but oh no!  Not smart enough to do that.  Granted carrying two cameras is a pain, but so is getting out of the water, charging up the beach, and getting camera two.  AND not to mention totally missing a very cool octopus opportunity:  it was deep in its hole, but the light was right that I could have caught a nice photo.  It had put a rock over its hole and also a piece of coral.  Man, the shot I missed!!!

Still, a day with 9 octopuses is still much better than yesterday off Waikiki.  NO octopuses!  Not even a glimmer of one!  I tried in two spots, but the Lord of Lords just did not deem it necessary to show me one.  However, He did keep me safe from the paddle surfers and regular surfers who came by me, so I really cannot complain.

I am blessed!

I am also blessed that today’s big brown eel didn’t feel it necessary to swim toward me. Makes me wonder what would happen to all those visitors who WALK around instead of swimming.  Bet they wouldn’t even see it coming!

You’ll see the youtube video, but tako 2 was mad at me showing up, so it blew water at me…and tumbled one of the rocks near its den down on itself!  C’mon, I’m not that scary!

I am thinking of getting a gopro camera instead.  I’ll have to take a peek at them.  I don’t want a huge camera!  I’m very accustomed to this samsung, but if it’s going to misbehave, no more!

I was surprised to see that the guard at the front gate didn’t give the safety lecture… Lazy, eh?! 

It was a nice day in the water, though.  About 2-1/2 hours! Nine octopuses. It’s all good.




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