Posted by: octogirl7 | June 9, 2013

6 octopus, every one a gem! and Compassion

Started off the day with two flounder near each other.  One was a baby, maybe 4 inches long.  Already good at blending in, though.  And the adult decided to do some moving, so I caught some of that on the film.  The little guy stopped and tried to be a part of the bottom, though, as if he knew he was outweighed.  By quite a bit!

Tako 1 was willing to sit and just let me take her picture.  A pleasure.


This is the little dear, above.  Cute, non?

I really enjoyed seeing a couple of them, as they immediately slid down into their dens after they saw me, but once I swam off a ways, they were popping up to make sure I was gone.  Very cute to see just their little eyes looking out, over the rocks.

Octopus #3 probably had eggs in its den.  It had loaded rocks over the hole, and I could see just a bit of the octo-leg.  Sad, for me, because they die after reproducing.  I found myself wondering if they know that will happen and do it anyway…

I found a biggish blue trevally circling, so I swam around, trying to see what it was hunting.  Turned out not to be an octopus, but a small eel.  They were out today!  I caught video of 2 fully out.  One was a green moray and one was a brown one.  Too lazy to get up and look for their actual names!  The water was moving me around, so the green headed video was too bumpy to upload.  Don’t want to make anyone seasick! But none of them bit me so it’s all good. Also saw a little snowflake moray in its hole. 

The fifth tako I found by sand outside its hole.  When they are preparing a den, I guess they blow the sand out to make more room inside.  I have seen them also blow sand when they are trying to deter an intruder, which unfortunately is sometimes me!

It was nice water today, too.  And the tide was a little higher so I was able to get over on the right without too much trouble.

And only one lecture!  Some poor fool was totally sitting on top of the reef.  When I asked him, kindly, not to do that, he responded he was looking for his son!  Too bad he didn’t take better care of him earlier…

And that’s my soapbox for today! Be safe out there!

P.S.  Today at church we were having what is called Compassion Sunday.  We all have the opportunity to help support a child in an impoverished country, for as little as $38/month. We already sponsor one child, so today decided to sponsor one more.  Such a good program.  A small price to pay to help a child far away to have a little bit better life.



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