Posted by: octogirl7 | June 8, 2013

seven is a special number

As you may know, seven is the number for completion & perfection, so us Christ followers think of Jesus associated with that number.

And so it seems kinda mundane to connect that 7 with the 7 octopus I found today, but oh well.

Enjoyed every one of them too!  About half were found by trevally circling.  I still think that is so odd!  They circle and circle, hoping perhaps for a scrap of food.  I know they follow goatfish, too, so I’m thinkin’ that’s why they do it.  Hoping for food without having to do all the work associated with catching it themselves.

For whatever reason, I am sometimes able to catch a photo of the octopus and whatever fish is bothering it at that moment.

I saw a huge green eel peeking out of a coral head too.  Big enough to have bitten me, but thankfully, I saw it before swimming over it.

Today was special too, since at least 3 of the octopus caught on really quickly with the fact that I was there.  They slid down into their homes and hid really well.  In a couple of the videos, you can only tell there is an octopus there because you can see the whiteness of the siphon. Occasionally once came back up to peek at me, with just one eye.  Rather comical.

A big giant trevally came through too.  So silvery and so much the king of the area!  The other fish disappear when one swims by.  I’m thankful they don’t care about me much.  I’m sure they note me, but don’t find me to be prey. 

It was low tide again today, so I wasn’t able to swim very far in the unattended side of the pond, unfortunately.  I always enjoy going where no woman has gone before! ha

I did find the first octopus in under 2 minutes.  Might be a record.  Although come to think of it, I had another time recently where I saw one before I put my 2nd fin on.  I guess I wasn’t timing that one!

So if you’re out in the ocean and you see a small silvery blue fish circling, take a peek inside the circle!  Just might be an octopus.


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