Posted by: octogirl7 | June 1, 2013


A great day! Nice water, nobody got in my way and saw 11 octopuses! 

A giant trevally swam through the scene, check the youtube octopigirl7

A picasso trigger was angry with me yesterday, charging me.  Talk about assertive against a bigger foe! So I watched for that today, but none of them were that aggressive.  Must have stayed away from their nesting spots.

I saw what might be nudibranch eggs…they were in a thin white ribbon, attached to a rock.  Sadly, my short video was blurry, so I won’t bore you with it.  But I will try again if i see more.

There were a couple of young octopuses…always a treat.  With my wetsuit on, however, I’m not able to stay down for long, so I didn’t get fab footage.  The 9th octopus came back out after I backed off a bit.  I’ll look at some of the videos again, to see if any others are worth uploading.

I heard there were two white tipped reef sharks over in the deeper part, inside the reef, but I told the people who mentioned it to me that I didn’t have a major need to see them….nor did i want to scare myself!

Also saw a turtle, having breakfast.  Short video, then left it alone.

Off to the gym!


I was able to snag a photo of an octopus hiding in its den, but showing a bit of its aqua coloring.  I think it’s a really pretty shade.


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