Posted by: octogirl7 | May 31, 2013

A swim and a funeral

Took a vacation day today.  So I could swim in the morning and then attend the funeral/memorial of a member of our board.  Fun and sadness in one day.

Saw 10 octopuses in the morning.  Always a great start to any day!  Only a couple of them were mostly out of their dens and only one of the 10 decided I needed water blown at me. 

I’m getting accustomed to that behavior, so it doesn’t startle me anymore.  Sometimes I don’t even laugh.  But I don’t want to be jaded…

I found tako 3 by the gray sand outside his/her den. And while I was filming s/he blew some more sand out.  I am always surprised that the fish that swim by sometimes don’t even see the octopus is there.

I was happy to see some of my “regulars.”  Although one of them was now without his significant other; or she was hiding better than he was!

I found only one octopus by trevally.  And a couple of them were hiding really well!  I mean, at one point, I saw a bump, which I decided was a rock, until it moved, sliding down into its hole.  I know they do that, but really didn’t at first recognize it as an octopus.  After all, we have a lot of bumps and rocks out there in the water! I was chuffed to realize that the tide was going to cooperate and let me swoop to some of my fave places. 

No eels, too, that was a good thing.  I always ask God for safety, but I’d prefer not to even see the eels.  Especially that pesky peppered moray. 

Since the tide was higher, there was more current than usual, so I got moved around a bit.  In case you are easily seasick, I didn’t download those videos!  What looks like shaky camera work is really the waves moving me around.  Not that my camera work isn’t sometimes shaky.  And I’m working with #2 (older) camera, because I got out recently and discovered the bottom door open on my camera.  NOT GOOD!  The prescription here in Hawaii is to put it in a bag of rice and seal it, but in 3 days, that hadn’t allowed me to turn on the camera, so I had to return it.  The Samsung is quite a nice camera, though.  So I do hope they send it back!  Or a new one.  Warranties are great.  It is a great camera, though: full HD and small enough that I don’t feel like I’m carrying my purse around.

There was a flounder, too.  I got some video which I might upload, although my reason for taking the film, other than my hubby likes flounder, was that it was moving its eyes around independently of each other.  I don’t know if my film caught that very well, though. Maybe I’ll upload it and you can tell  me!

Then it was time to get out and get showered so I could go to the funeral and memorial.  My first one at Punchbowl, our military cemetery.  I’ve been there before, but never had the sad duty of seeing one of my friends buried.

The soldiers did a great job and we even had a 21 gun salute!  I’m a fool for a uniform!

Appreciate the friends you have, while you have them!




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