Posted by: octogirl7 | May 26, 2013

What not to do

What not to do is take photos and video off your camera until AFTER you’re sure you have ’em on your computer!  DUH!

So I had a few minutes of sweating today, too, as I thought I had lost the evidence of my 6 octopus snorkel this morning before church.  But I was able to save the files; and wouldn’t you know?  None of it was really worthy of uploading to the youtube site!

I did see 2 turtles swimming near each other.  Small ones.

And 6 octopus is nothing to be sneezed at, especially since I was under the time pressure and it took over a half hour to find the first one.  And I was using my older camera, as the newer one had that water intrusion yesterday.  Still hoping it’ll be dry enough to use again.  It is an updated type of the same samsung camera, so i do find it easier to use.  In fact, using the older one today, I thought I had another octopus blowing water at me recorded, but it isn’t on my films for the day, so I probably made that beginner mistake of thinking I was recording when I wasn’t.  Duh!  Again, I say DUH!

But I also say, any day with an octopus is a good day.



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