Posted by: octogirl7 | May 19, 2013

Having so much fun, was late to rehearsal!

For some reason this morning, perhaps because I worked yesterday and didn’t get to swim, I totally lost my mind!

Normally I get out of the water at 7:45, so I can change clothes, drive to church, put in my earrings and take out my contacts, and then try to appear composed.

Today, I was still in the water at 8 a.m.!  The weird part was that I thought I had plenty of time.  I got the tram up the hill right away, changed clothes at the Bay, called my sweetheart to report the number of octo-sightings (4) and cruised onto the highway to get to rehearsal before church.

DUH!  At one point in the drive, I looked down at the clock and was horrified to see that it was already 8:22 a.m.!!!  WAAAAAY too late to get to the church by 8:30.  And no, I didn’t text anyone while i was driving to tell them I was late.  I haven’t been texting long (just got an iphone) and would probably have killed multiple people, including myself, trying to text.  Which made me totally realize what all the DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE screaming is about.

But I’m getting ahead of myself….

Saw the first octopus soon after I got it.  What a blessing!  After I see one, I know I’m good.  Push comes to shove, one is enough.  It’s not the ideal number, but it is is enough.  After a day of working Saturday, ANY octopus is more than yesterday.

The octopus did that whole cute thing with me too: spotted me.  Slid slowly down.  Then slid slowly back up so his eyes were the only thing showing.  (Well, and part of his head too, of course.)

Then I heard a still small voice in my head tell me to go left, toward the beach.  Not the direction I would have normally chosen.  But I went.

And was rewarded not only with octopus 2, but this octopus was in a hole on top of a rock that housed an octopus long ago, but not anytime recently.  So that was a hit.

It occurred to me to wonder again about the octopuses.  When one dies, do the others know the previous den owner has died?  (And if so, HOW?!) And how long does one octopus have to have been dead before another one will take over its den?

I mean, after all, there is a perfectly fine den available.  Rocks outside guarding it.  In a prime location.  Sand already cleared out.  Of course the one bad thing about the den is that the previous owner is dead….. I do wonder how long it has to sit empty before someone else figures out that the domicile is available…

Anyway, I swam on after celebrating the new owner.  And found a big adult octopus and, in a hole nearby, #4!  She was cozied right back in that hole.  I could only spot part of her body peeping out of the den.  Her cohort next door wasn’t as afraid and sat there, watching me from his den.

I realized I had probably interrupted something.  I don’t know of any other reason that two octopuses would be near each other other than mating.  Or getting ready to.  Or having just. I mean, they can be cannibals!  So I wouldn’t think they normally hang out near each other, just to exchange updates.

I also saw a small, pretty snowflake moray eel.  The non-threatening kind. And more of it than usual: it had probably 4 inches out of its hole.  I normally see only the head, peeping out at me.

Good thing it’s a nature preserve too, because if it weren’t I probably would have taken home the pretty cowry shell I spotted.  Hard to tell if it is occupied without picking it up, which I didn’t do.  In any case, cannot shell collect at this bay.

There was a decent current this morning, too, so I got some exercise coming back against it.

Four octopus, though. It’s all good. (And for you devotees, don’t search youtube for anything new….the vis was kinda bad and since I was in a hurry, I don’t have any videos worthy of being posted.)

And in case you’re wondering, the ideal number of octopuses to spot is 26.  My previous record is 25 in one swim.  And I really haven’t gotten anywhere close to that since. 



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