Posted by: octogirl7 | April 28, 2013


As you may know, on Sundays I have singing rehearsal, so I have less time to swim.

A bit stressful!

When I can cruise as if I have all the time in the world, I am happier and under no pressure.

Not so today!

You might ask how on earth octopus snooping can be stressful.  Well, it only is if you have a record to uphold. (My personal best in one dive is 25, but I haven’t been anywhere near that record recently.)

It took me 40 minutes to spot the first octopus.  I was thinking two things: lost my touch!  and also, that darn monk seal ate all my octopus friends.

But God provided.

One octopus.  Then another, who had a friend close by.  And then on the way back to shore, one that just sat there, posing prettily, for my camera. I kept thinking how great the timing was: I have 45 minutes to get from the Bay through traffic, swoop into the church parking lot, throw on my clothes, my real shoes, put in earrings, take out contacts and be ready to sing!  And of course, even better if there’s a minute to scarf down a pancake!  Bliss.

So I had to eventually drag myself away from octopus number 4, even though s/he was sitting so prettily for my camera, just a few feet offshore.  I keep thinking, why wouldn’t s/he make a home further offshore?  So many people walk through this area.  But s/he was an adult, so I guess this octopus knows best.

Very happy to find octopus 2 and then discover there was a 3rd octopus nearby.  I mean, less than 2 feet away.  (It is very hard to judge distances underwater, at least for me.  But to bring a ruler in addition to the camera, octopus numbering system and trash i pick up would be tough.)

Number two did blow water at me, but it didn’t work to keep me away.  I did swoop over to #3 right next door.  The #3 octopus had basically no problem with me. Perhaps she was just less aggressive or less worried.

I do wonder if an octopus can be so close to another octopus and not know it is there.  Guess it’s possible.  Seems unlikely.  I can imagine them fighting over the same crab. HA. I wonder if there is octopus chivalry.  Would a male give up a prey item for his lady love?

I’m just wondering.  Got to church on time and gave God the praise he deserves for a wonderful, and quick, swim.


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