Posted by: octogirl7 | April 21, 2013

Before I got my 2nd fin on!

Well, I saw the first octopus so quickly today, I didn’t even have my 2nd fin on yet!

Since it’s an easy entry beach, I usually pray, then walk into the water.  I put on my mask, gloves and then get down on one knee to put on the first fin.  Then i swim out and put on the 2nd fin.  Not rocky, not wavy, easy peasey!

But I saw an octopus when I was still thinkin’ about putting on my 2nd fin.  In other words, right away!

And it’s all good.

Six octopuses today.  Octopus #1 was a big adult, who slid down into his den immediately upon spying me coming toward him. I don’t take that personally.  But I also don’t usually swim away.  The big adults know that I’m not there to threaten them, so they turn a darker color, but don’t otherwise seem too upset by my camera carrying presence.  So I shot a little video of him just looking at me looking at him.

The honu (probably 4 or 5 years old, based on size) was again having breakfast.  I shot a quick video, then swam on.

Two octopuses were found by trevally circling.  Oh and I also found an eel that way.  A pretty white mouthed moray.  Small kind. I investigated because one never knows if it is circling an octopus or an eel.

Two octopuses were young.  Probably halfway between adult and really baby, so maybe 6 months old?  Guessing, of course.

There were two lined butterfly fish, cruising around the reef.  And that darned peppered moray!  This one was the big one; I’ll upload video later to youtube.

My biggest excitement was the 5th octopus of 6.  It was one of the young-ish ones and while it seemed a bit skittish at first, it got accustomed to me, and eventually went about its business.

At first glance, it had one leg up and over a rock, so I suspected it might be trying to mate.  But when I realized it wasn’t an adult, that gave me pause.  It slipped down into a hole, which is usually occupied by a huge wana. And the wana was still there, when I was able to peek into the hole a bit more.  Sharing.

So I think the 5th octopus might just have slipped in there to hide when I showed up. I probably spent over 10 minutes with this young octopus.  So cute, too, because it kept peeking up to see if i was still there. “Can I trust her?”  It tried the “I am a rock” thing too: pausing and pretending it wasn’t even there.  Apparently that works with goats and other fish, because several swam by the octopus as if not even aware that it was there. There was even a tourist who swam by, not realizing what I was pointing to.

Tako 5 also “stood up” on the rock. The video didn’t show it very well. It’s always a toss-up: if I move closer or move to a different angle, will the octopus slide down and disappear?  I’ll upload some video; hard part is deciding which one to upload!

There was also a little cardinal fish, pausing outside a hole, as if it couldn’t decide whether it should go in or not.  I’ll have to look up the type; it wasn’t one I’d seen before.

And a turban shell with operculum!  I was very happy to see that.  I rarely get to see them with the operculum still in place. (It’s a hard item they create which blocks the entry hole in the shell, to protect itself from predators.) I got a still photo, but the light wasn’t particularly cooperative, so it didn’t turn out as dazzling in reality as it was in my mind.

An ambon puffer fish also came by for a bit.  The video doesn’t catch its pretty colors.  If you haven’t seen one, Google it.  Quite a pretty little fish.

Tako #6 was quite close to shore, so I had to again protect it from the same divers who insisted on walking out last weekend.  The nerve!  One of them actually told me I had to stop bothering them.  I replied that I would have the Ranger talk with them…..what part of Protected Marine Preserve is so hard to understand?

Other than the idiots, the rest of the snorkel was great, even though the tide was still low.  Six octopus, two eels that didn’t bite me.  What more could a girl need?


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