Posted by: octogirl7 | April 7, 2013

Low tide, no octo-sex…concidence?

Apparently when the tide is low, the octopuses leave each other alone.  Or so I can only surmise!

Seriously, there were no sightings today of octopus being particularly friendly with each other. However, because it was low tide (and I mean LOW TIDE!!), perhaps they were just spared from my prying eyes.

Sighted 6 octopus.  Not a record, but still better than none.  And the water was great.  Nice and clear.  And no one got in my way, another plus.

I did see a youngster.  And one sort of out of its den.  But for the most part, the octopuses today were kinda laid back. Perhaps I tired them out yesterday!  And perhaps I hardly impact them at all……

I did see what I think is a juvenile razorfish. But none of my videos today are worthy of uploading to youtube.  But a good time was had.  Well, except for the last part of the swim: I had to walk back, as the tide had come down sufficiently that I couldn’t swim over the rocks!  But I did get to church on time.

Have a great week.


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