Posted by: octogirl7 | March 30, 2013

Was it National Eel Day and no one told me?!?!?!

You might assume from the title that I saw a bunch of eels today and you’d be right!  At least 9 eels!

Two were free swimming.  Got one of them on video.  The other one that I didn’t get was because i thought I was recording and then got a lot of ocean bottom instead.  Duh.  It was that darned peppered moray too!  For a while, i swam alongside, then he realized i was there and i got out of his way!  I will try to upload the pretty one that swam by… There were two yellow margin eels, big ones!  There was the little yellow headed eel that flicked out of a hole near the octopus i was watching…that made me say a bad word, I’m afraid! 

I had gone for a while seeing no eels but the unthreatening kind, the snowflake. 

Imagecute face, right?!

Ten octopuses.  Very happy about that.  Got some nice video, too.  But the really cool thing was that there were 3 octo-dens next to each other.  That was octopus 8, 9 and 10!  I have never seen 3 in this close proximity.  And all adults.  Menage a what?!

Putting the eel picture in has slowed down the blog.  I’ll publish and start another.


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