Posted by: octogirl7 | March 24, 2013

One hour and 15 minutes = 4 octopuses!

Sunday.  You know what that means! Singing practice at 8:30 a.m., so leaving the water at 7:45.  Got in at 6:30, so i had to book to see octopus!

At least we have earlier sunrise now.  Gives me another half hour of wet work. And today was really worth it!

Tako #1 was a small one.  I didn’t expect to see it.  That is, I visited the former den of an adult.  A den that has been occupied by a sea cucumber.  Until today, when it was occupied by a sea cucumber AND a small octopus.  S/he and I were both surprised!

S/he showed it by popping up, flying over to a rock and making a line of color go up and down its body.  The popping up, I caught on video.  And if I hadn’t been so concerned with my usual practice of numbering the octopuses I see, I would have caught that amazing movement of color.  But no!  I had to be numbering, so missed videotaping it.  Saw it, but didn’t catch it on film.

But still “caught” the octopus.  As it tried to blend into the background.  You could hear it thinking: Become the rock! Become the rock!

Since I associate the youth of the octopus and the line of color with panic, I eased back in the water.  I have always thought that the moving line of color just attracts the eye, instead of helping hide the animal.  Not what the octopus is trying to accomplish.  But since the tide was really low, I couldn’t maneuver very well, without hitting the coral and rocks.  So I backed off and eventually left the little guy to recover from my presence. Sad to do, but necessary.

I was happily surprised to also see a young turtle, having breakfast.  It didn’t seem to particularly mind me being there, so I hung out for a little bit, taping as I waited.  (look for honu breakfast on youtube…octopigirl7). Then it took a breath and I took that opportunity to move along.

So a total of 4 octopus allowed me to peek at them.  The older ones are more unflappable, so they don’t always dive away when I arrive.

The weather was gray and spotty/raining, so I was chuffed to see how good the light was!  After all, rain doesn’t matter, as I’m wet in the water anyway. It helps keep others out of the water, too, so a multiple benefit thing.

Octopus 3 was in its den when I arrived.  Well, sitting up on its den, that is.  And it had stones around the entry, protecting itself. 


I wasn’t able to spot the octo-pair from a few days ago, so I guess they either went their separate ways or became better at hiding. Low tide did, I hate to admit, make it really difficult to get to some of my usual places to view the octopuses.  And I had to really carefully maneuver to get back over to the center of the pond.  One can only hold one’s breath for so long!  Eventually you have to sacrifice buoyancy for life giving breath.

Too soon, it was time to come into the beach and get on the tram and get to church.   We did have a wonderful time of worship and praise, though, so that, too, was worth it!

Have a great week!



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