Posted by: octogirl7 | March 23, 2013

Ah the joys of octopus in Hawaii

By now you know that I am privileged to live in Hawaii.  Yes, zucchini is $2/pound sometimes. Yes, everything has a different shipping cost.  Yes, copier company will tell you parts have to “come from the mainland” and thus adds days to anything you order. Yes traffic, especially when they are fixing the roads, is a hassle.


Seriously? It’s ALL worth it!  I can swim usually 365 days a year.

OK, sometimes there are jelly fish.  Sometimes thunder and lightning. But if I never see a snow storm here, it’ll be too soon.

So today.  7 octopuses.  Caught on video by me.  Yes, I got tired of people not believing what I saw.  Of course, a record of 25 octopus sightings in one dive is amazing.  But I have an amazing God too!

The  really great part about today’s dive wasn’t how quickly I saw octopus.  In fact, I had to wait almost an hour before I saw my first one!  (Thank God, this doesn’t happen very often.) 

The great part was that at least half of them were YOUNG octopuses!  LOVE that.  I really enjoy seeing their little siphons, probably less big around than my little finger.  And they haven’t learned yet that we humans can be a pain.  Granted, in the Bay, people are not supposed to touch the fish or octopuses or shells.  Well, don’t touch pretty much everything you see.

But seeing the little guys tells me the octopuses are reproducing and there will be more little guys.  I don’t know a good way to judge how many are born and how many make it to full adulthood.  Probably not as many as I would like.  I am happy to see any.

Today, I finally figured out how to find a little one again tomorrow: I put a video portion of the coral nearby.  Sadly, it had been broken, with the broken piece still nearby.  But that will help me locate the little guy tomorrow.  Unless he’s off fishing or something.

I haven’t seen the Speedo Torpedo lately either.  That helps.  Perhaps it’s because with the earlier light, I am able to get in before he gets there.  and then I swim into the less traveled areas, so fewer people in my way.

Spring Break is definitely on though!  Lots of groups of teenagers acting like they are. Pulling themselves along the reef with their hands.  Standing up on the “rocks” and chatting.  Seriously?  If you need a conversation with your pals, do it on dry land!  But I digress.

One of the octopuses I saw was one I call studly: he appeared to have broad shoulders and was sitting in his den, looking like he could take on the world.  Of course, in HIS world, he probably can.

Didn’t see the duo from yesterday.  I like to think they mated after the fish and I left them alone and are sleeping in today.  Of course, I don’t know if they actually do that.  Nor do I know if they wake up at the same time every day.  I can see the sunrise having an impact, but today the cloudiness kept the light off of them, generally, so maybe some slept in for that reason.  Maybe they just couldn’t handle the people bugging them.

At any rate, octopuses seen were appreciated by me.  Got some video and I’ll go upload that now.  Aloha


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