Posted by: octogirl7 | March 2, 2013

3 by 7

Had a wonderful awesome amazing snorkel today!  against all odds!Image When walking down the hill to Hanauma Bay around 6:30 a.m., I was a bit downcast, thinking because of the higher winds and obvious waves, the water might be junk (bad visibility)  I was so wrong!

It wasn’t pristine, and as you can tell from the photo, it did blow some sand across the camera, but mostly the sand on this octopus was self-inflicted….it blew sand out, hoping I would take the hint and leave.

Of course, I didn’t.  Would I sound too ego-centric to say that I had as much right to be there as the octopus did?

Of course, I don’t…they live there, I merely get to visit.  But I don’t hurt them. If fact, I think I helped a few of the 12 octopuses I saw: they were found by trevally circling and when I came on the scene, the trevally left.  I think of myself as a life saver.  HA.

Was able to spot a few young ones, too.  Always a great thing.  And one was really cute…I’ll have to see if any of the video comes out.  I saw a hole in the bottom, so I scooted over, just in time to see a small brown blob disappear beneath the side of the hole.  Octopus!

I swam a bit down current from it, hoping it would peek out, and it did.  With that kind of waiting, you never know until you get home what kind of video you’ll have.  You might get ’em just after they scoot back under to hide.  S/he played peek-a-boo with me a few more times, then went into its den….i swam on.

Fortunate too, was I, that most of the swimmers kept to the center and the left side of the bay, so I was on my own for most of the swim.  A great thing.  Even if people don’t intend it, just swimming quickly in an area alerts the octopuses and makes them hide. 

Surprised again not to spot any eels or any other animals that might cause me harm.  Since I swim by myself, I try to stay out of dicey situations.  And of course, I pray for safety before I get in the water.  Always a plus.

There was another marlinspike auger shell today too.  The photos didn’t turn out too well.  It was half buried in the sand and I am loath to touch things, so I didn’t want to turn it over.  It might have been empty, but couldn’t tell.  And since I cannot shell hunt there, except with my eyes, I resisted the impulse to touch it.

Several adult octopuses, too.  I’m happy to seem them at all ages. Nobody seemed to want to play today, but one did pause in between rocks so I could videotape it.  We’ll see how that turned out!





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