Posted by: octogirl7 | February 24, 2013

A surprising weekend

Knowing that the wind would affect waves and also knowing we have had choke wind this week, I was somewhat despairing of my ops for viewing octopus.  I was WRONG!

What was terrible visibility a few short weeks ago, was this week quite wonderful.  I’m not saying the viewing was pristine, and there was sand blown up into the water both yesterday and today, but I still saw my octo-pets! (I keep them in oceans all around the world…)

Also saw a small mantis shrimp, the video of which I will upload later,  but upon a little research, found out that the larger versions of this shrimp can make a pop forceful enough to break aquarium glass!  Kinda glad I didn’t go out this morning, thinking to capture one.  My fragile dive mask probably couldn’t have stood the strain. (And since I swim in a marine preserve, probably good to ensure my freedom from arrest!)

This was a small one, probably a total of 4 inches long.  I could see the eye stalks investigating me, but I swam away before it could make any designs on my person. I’m told there are over 400 species of the mantis shrimp!  If you get a spare minute, take a peek on Google images.  The other varieties are much more colorful than the one I saw this morning.

Saw 8 octopus yesterday, 2 today.  It’s, for me, a question of how much time I have to devote to the search.  Yesterday, approx 2 hours.  Today, 45 minutes only.  If you’ve seen the youtube from yesterday (octopigirl7), you saw the little guy who swam away a little bit.  Quite cute!  Love that.  Not just that it swam, but that it was a little one.  I am so hopeful when i see the little ones.  I pray they will have a long life.  Well, as long as the Hawaiian octopus lives, which i’m told is one to two years only. I’m curious about whether they die after that length of time, whether they have mated or not.  I was connecting mating and producing eggs with their demise, but I’m not sure if we know it as a function of simple age or having mated.  I am told they don’t eat while caring for their octo-eggs, so they could die from starvation or age.

Nice water, though.  And pretty sunrise as usual.  I definitely do not take that for granted, as many folks on the mainland are fighting to even get out to their houses to shovel their sidewalks.  Such fierce weather.  I am truly thankful that I am able to live in Hawaii.

I saw another little octopus today and caught some video.  S/he didn’t do much other than hang out in her den, so I’m not sure if I will actually upload it to the youtube site.

Many of my “regulars” have been absent recently.  I cannot accurately place the blame, but I did see a huge eel hiding in the coral head yesterday, so I am choosing blaming his carnivorous habits for the octo-demises.

Hopefully, I will see at least some of my octo-pals in their regular dens next weekend.

On another completely un-sea note, a friend mentioned that she finds young people do not like to talk about spiritual things or things that are not material.  Do you find this to be true? Apparently, it’s all about who has what, or who bought the newest phone or what is happening on Facebook.  If you have experience, weigh in on the comments page.

Thanks for reading.  Thanks to God for all the great viewings recently.  And for the good visibility, amidst the waves and wind!



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