Posted by: octogirl7 | February 16, 2013

They didn’t make it in time for Valentine’s Day….

First octopus of the beautiful day at Hanauma Bay turned out to be one of a pair!

I had seen the empty dens a few times before, but today the male octopus was at home and his lady love, more shy perhaps, was in a hole about 6 inches from his. While I didn’t see his snaky arm sneaking over, I knew they would probably soon be up to some octo-business, if I would just leave them alone…so I did.  I caught a few other snippets of video later, but never the actual mating.  They prefer privacy, no doubt.

The video I uploaded was tako 6 blowing sand.  It was so cute!  It put up with me for a little while, but then decided either that I was too close or too troublesome, so it blew sand, trying to hide itself in the cloud.  Unfortunately, I didn’t go away and the octopus ended up covered in sand.  It must be so accustomed to folks not being able to see it, that it is amazed when one of us stops to look.

I also got a short video of a tiny blue and red fish.  It was so small that I probably won’t bother uploading it, because it is very small and hard to see.  (Yes, even if you have trained octo-eyes.) Wonder what it was?

Octopus 7 was a regular.  And I was glad to see she was still there. I should pay more attention to the when of an octopus, instead of just the where.  That way, I might be able to track how long one is living. Still have that goal of videotaping just when the octo eggs hatch!  That would be such a treat!

The waves were moving me around, but I was surprised that the water clarity wasn’t bad…it had bad visibility in spots, but for the most part, it was pretty clear.  Nice enough to spend 2 hours searching and finding 8 octopus!  A number to be thankful for.

Nice sunrise, too. I noted that the camera lens found a bit more yellow in the clouds than was actually there.  The more updated camera that won’t turn on (water intrusion) is still in its bag of rice, hoping it will somehow resurrect itself.  Another one is on order, but until it arrives, I’ll be using the one that is getting tired.  Just glad that Samsung created such a good little camera, and that they are continuing to update it.  In this case, putting the line to hold it with in the corner, instead of on the bottom where the door opening gets in the way. They also moved the video/photo button to the left, where it is more accessible.  I must say that with gloved fingers, though, I still have a hard time getting the button pushed from one mode to the other.  That’s probably more a function of my clumsiness, though, instead of any fault of the little camera.

I was surprised that a couple of my regulars were not seen today.  However, the Speedo Torpedo beat me into the water, again, so maybe he scared them.

Any day with an octopus, though, is a good day! Aloha!


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