Posted by: octogirl7 | February 2, 2013

Thirteen octopus – one really well hidden!

Since some folks cannot see octopuses even if they are staring them in the face, to say they can be well hidden seems a moot point.  However, today, even I was not sure at first that I was seeing one of my octo pals!

It was lying inside a hole in the rock.  It was exactly the same color as the rock and really hard to see.  The only way i eventually knew it was there was the bumpy exterior.  And eventually, when I started taking pictures instead of video, I saw it turn a bit darker in color and it also moved its siphon so I could see the little hole blowing water in and out.  But even that was really subtle! 

I also saw the usual cone shells, one probably 2 inches long.  And what I think was a triton.  A small one.  Could be wrong, though, as I’m not particularly well versed in shells.  (I have the book, but that takes time to sort through…I’ll let you know when i find out.)

Must say i was pleasantly surprised by the water and good visibility: the winds had picked up since last week and I expected lots of sand in the water.  This was one time I was glad to be wrong.  The water was superb, albeit with a few areas where the visitors had mucked about and kicked up sand.  There was one guy in full wet suit, fully standing on the coral/rocks!  Needless to say, I asked him to stand on sand and not on coral!

Because really, if there is a rock or a bit of coral, some animal could be making a home there.  For that matter, even on sand you might be stepping on an animal, like a flounder or scorpion fish.  So the bottom line is, when in the water, SWIM!

I was able to catch a brief bit of barracuda.  They always materialize out of nowhere; thus their stealth mode works in catching prey.  Since I didn’t want to be prey, I left after a bit of vid.

Also caught the nose of a green headed moray.  I only saw about 3 inches of its nose, so I surmise it was probably a big critter, but I didn’t swim around the coral head to find out.

The only octopus I saw that wasn’t completely hiding was out on the right side of Hanauma Bay, near the break water.  A nice sized adult.  It slid down partway after seeing me, but didn’t seem too worried about my presence.

I have been seeing little humuhumunukunukuapuaa recently.  Maybe 2 inches long, including the tail.  Too cute!  They are always quite perturbed by my presence, so they swim away and try to hide in a hole in rock.  Lots of those around, so no worries for the little fish.

It wasn’t Colorado cold, but i think the breeze and lower temps kept some others out of the water.  As a result, I was treated to a lovely and lonely swim (the best kind!) all by myself on the right hand side of the Bay.  No one to worry about running into. 

When I saw octopus #13, there was a little girl in the water near me, about to walk that way.  So I put my hand out to stop her and told her there was an octopus!  Unfortunately, she didn’t catch my drift, so I think she might have had another language than English as her main tongue. 

Two and a half hours of bliss…thanks, God!


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