Posted by: octogirl7 | January 27, 2013

35 minutes isn’t enough!

But 35 minutes is enough to see 3 octopus and a flat fish!

I always feel a bit rushed (and loaded down) on Sundays, when I head out to the Bay.  With the sun appearing around 7 a.m., and needing to be at Praise & Worship practice by 8:30, you can only imagine how rushed I am!

That means anywhere from 35 to 45 minutes in the water.  When I normally take at least two hours. But I was able to see 3 octopus, one of which was small, so it was worth it.

I’m loaded down when I go because i have to take church clothes, dive bag (which hopefully will contain my wet suit), coffee for after and my snack bars, which are breakfast.  Today I was treated to cranberry pancakes at church, too, so that was a surprise treat!

And seeing the octopus was a treat too.  I was just turning around from seeing #1 when I spied another about 10 feet away.  Surprising.  The 2nd one was small and didn’t seem very nervous about seeing me.  Perhaps he was too young to know about the idiots who catch and eat octopus!  Although not, I’m hoping, in the marine preserve of Hanauma Bay. And if I ever saw anyone do that, they would be in serious trouble.  I have a videocamera!

The third octopus was quite hard to see.  She is accustomed to people flying by and had made a den big enough to truly hide her.  She saw me, slid backward into her den and basically disappeared.

I have stopped trying to show octopus to the beginning snorkeler, finding that even when the octopus is in plain sight, they find it hard to see them.  Of course, cannot blame them, as the octopuses are good at hiding and resembling rocks.

The peacock flounder was a nice surprise.  I took the video mostly for my spouse, as he enjoys the flounder.  This one moved, too, which they normally don’t do.  I finally left it alone.

Once again ocean conditions were nice, but the waves were picking up.  Pro Bowl day and we have overcast skies and light winds.  Good for the participants and viewers, I guess, so they don’t sweat too much while watching or playing the game.

And I got to church early, with enough time to comb my hair, change clothes, find my earrings and warm up my voice.  But 35 minutes definitely isn’t enough! God willing, I’ll be able to get in again next week.


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