Posted by: octogirl7 | January 24, 2013

A marvelous use of 2 vacation hours!

Today, the wonderful weather and water provided fantastic visibility in Hanauma Bay.  The octolady was ready!

Yeah, that’s what they call me.  Either that or the Church Lady! Not sure which i prefer.

Today was filled with God’s great creatures, though.  Ten octopus in two hours.  Marvelous water clarity, willing octopus and only two who decided they needed to blow water through their siphons at me!  (Of course, that didn’t deter me from viewing and videotaping.)

Samsung Sportscam Full HD and man, was it ever worth the $100!!  I am branching out into also taking photos, so it becomes a longer day, but really pleasurable. Fine little camera.  They improved over the first one I bought: this one has the plastic over the on/off switch, so no water intrusion from there.  And none so far at all!

First octopus viewed was the regular that has been in her den, covered over with rocks.  I was thinking she must have laid eggs and was on her way out.  Not so, apparently.  Today she was in a hole adjacent to the den…of course, I don’t tag ’em, so I can’t be sure it was her.  But her den was empty, so I’m hopeful.  I do have a goal of filming octopus hatching.  I wouldn’t be the first, but I would be so excited I would be vibrating for a week, probably!

A couple of octopus played with me: they saw me, they slipped down to hide.  Then they crept back up to see if i was still there.  I love this game of underwater hide and seek!  As it is, the octopus play with you, just finding them.  And adding the sliding eye game makes it even better.  Of course, the video has mostly rock/coral and just a bit of octopus eye.  I’m told their eyes are always horizontal.  I’ll have to check that. (Remember that show Home Improvement and the noise Tim Allen made?  Sometimes they move up and look at me with one eye higher than the other…i kinda hear Tim’s noise in my mind when they do that.)

Another neat thing was that I found an opercula (operculum?) that had the exact same colors as the octopus eye and surrounding area.  What a treat.

And do they really have a face?  Or do we just call it their head?

I noted that I’m out of practice with the finger waggling.  I used to do this all the time before I started videotaping.  Now with my plastic octo numbers in one hand and camera in the other, it’s never my first thought to waggle my fingers at them.  They seem to be out of practice in reacting to it when I do waggle my gloved fingers.

I have noted also recently more octopus with dens near gray sand.  I’ll see a patch of it and peek inside the hole and sure enough, there’s an octopus.  This is a departure from the usual octopus dens noted by seeing their multi-colored rocks moved just outside the entry.

Happily, I saw what could have been a pair of octopus.  About 5 feet separated #5 and #6.  However, they didn’t seem to be full sized adults, so I”m not sure if they knew each other was there.  They didn’t interact while I was there, but perhaps they just needed privacy…..

I was surprised that #5 didn’t immediately change to the darker maroon color when it saw me…they usually do.  Even if I’m very sneaky.

Very curious to me also is whether they use existing holes and tunnels or make them by sandblasting and moving rocks themselves. I have noted that when a regular either dies or moves away, that hole isn’t occupied for a while.  Not sure why.

I must apologize too: sometimes the only sound on the film is my breathing!  When they blow water at me, you’ll hear me laughing.  Hard not to.  Occasionally, I sneeze “on camera” in the background.  Also, if you hear me mumble, that’s me thanking God.  I do that often.  I’m just chuffed He gives me these great creatures to visit!

Tako 9 was partially intentional (and I”m not sure i’ll upload that video) because I took it to catch film of the two big trevally who swam through.  I noticed the fish “running”: dashing through my field of view, trying to get away.  It’s always followed by either an eel or a trevally.  This pair was pretty big.  If I were a butterfly fish, I would have run too.  But at the end of the 2 trevally film, the unintentional part was  I forgot to turn off the camera.  However, I was able to get a bit of Tako 9 at the end.  Try not to get seasick if you see it! ha

Very happy I had to work last Saturday: gave me one full day and two days of 2 hours off.  I’ll let you know if there are any interesting developments tomorrow, God willing!

And all you Pro Bowlers: don’t drink and drive! Call a cab.  And thanks for visiting!


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