Posted by: octogirl7 | January 23, 2013

Three hours of bliss!

Well, you would never believe that I could stay in the water for 3 hours!!! Especially after yesterday where I was freezing inside my wetsuit after an hour and a half.  But today the water must have been warmer or I kept moving more, because I only looked at my watch 3 times in the three hours.  I was kept entertained, without doubt.

The water remained wonderful: clear, mostly calm, and only a little bit of rain.  I was so happy to see the great conditions!  And of course, the octopus.

I saw a total of 10 octopus.  A great “catch” for one day.  I did catch some video of the one who was hanging under a rock.  I found him first because the trevally was circling.  And a snapper.  And a surgeon fish.  And a wrasse!  When that may fish are around, you KNOW something good is going down.

I was amused (and this video i uploaded to youtube) by the #8 octopus.  On the vid title, it says 9 but it was really #8.  Anyway, I first saw this octopus under the rock.  Then later, I gave it some space and saw another octopus, but came back to see what #8 was up to.  It had disappeared.

But I was able to find it in a hole uphill from the rock.  I knew it didn’t live under the rock, but that it probably wasn’t too far from its home.  And I was right.

A big adult.  He hunkered down and tried to dissuade me at first by blowing water.  When that didn’t work, he then blew clouds of sand at me! ha.  I’m tougher than that, but it did make me laugh. He ended up with sand all over him, but I don’t think he cared.  Finally, I let him have his privacy.

Also saw lots of pretty fish.  With the sun cooperating and the clear water, even the grains of sand stood out.  That probably made it easier for me to spot the octopus, too.

Of the 10, there was only the one octopus that was fully out.  Two were possibly incubating eggs…staying in their holes and not appearing too concerned about me being there.  I would love to catch octopus hatching.  That would make my year!  The timing of that must be intense, though…just think, they incubate at least a month, I’m told, so imagine being there at just that right time.  Everybody’s gotta have a goal. That’s one of mine!

I’m very thankful for the day off and the chance to swim in such a beautiful area.  And of course, for all the octopuses!



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