Posted by: octogirl7 | January 12, 2013

skunked! or Why I hate bad visibility!

Today was not a waste of time, but the water was certainly not cooperating!

I saw NO octopus.  Yes, folks, that part is definitely sad.  However, I also didn’t bump into any rocks, turtles, eels or sharks! So that part is all good!

The sunrise was nice.  Waves were GOING OFF and quite pretty.  That is, if you weren’t waiting for things to calm down so you could see something in the water. I saw a total of two fish.  That’s how bad the vis was.  The lifeguard actually asked us as two of us were headed in: You’re not going out beyond the reef are ya?  I said Absolutely not!  I’m crazy but I’m not stupid!

But I enjoyed getting out to see the beauty of the bay and catching up with my friend Ann.

It’s all good!


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