Posted by: octogirl7 | January 6, 2013

Twenty minutes used wisely!

Today, being Sunday, I knew I’d need to swim quickly.  Especially since the sun rises later (like after 7 a.m.) and I needed to get to church by 8:30.  Going up the hill, changing clothes, driving to the church…it all eats into my snorkel time, but for good effect.

So I was looking forward to a quick swim, which I got!  What i wasn’t looking for was bad visibility.  I had surmised it would be funky, as there has been wind all week.  I mean WIND!  So that messes with the waves.  And the water was full of floating sand and other detritus.  But I still was happy to see two of my “regular” octopuses.  At home.  Check the youtube site to see one of them.

Ran up the hill. drove to church. changed clothes and got to singing practice ON TIME! Yahoo!  Early even.



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