Posted by: octogirl7 | December 24, 2012

A Fabulous Christmas Eve swim!

Thank God, the water was fantastic today!

We had been having a spate of awful visibility, due mostly to the wind, I think.  But today was great!

There were 14 octopus…certainly a recent times record.  It made me think I might have to add to my plastic counting disks, as they only go up to 16…wouldn’t want to have to revert to my gloved fingers to count octopus.

It was a true pleasure to watch the gorgeous sunrise, then slip into the water.  Well, perhaps that makes me sound more sylph like than I really was!  I was so excited about getting in, having taken yesterday off, that I completely forgot to put my snorkel in my mouth before sliding in! ha. MUCH harder to breathe without that.  So I rolled over and put in my snorkel.  I wonder if the lifeguard even noticed.

Saw some of my regulars. Probably 3 of the 5.  But since the visibility was much improved, I was able  to get all the way over on the right and saw some big adults.  Only one small-ish octopus today.  But it’s all good.

Only one adult blew at me and my head wasn’t in the path of the siphon, so I didn’t feel it on my face.  But it still made me laugh.  Like they think that will make me go away.  Not even!

It was such a pleasure to be able to swim slowly down and search for octopus at my speed.  When I have to bob up to see if there are any other swimmers nearby, it can interrupt my flow.

I had to laugh, too, because when the dive was nearly done, there was a teenaged boy who swam by, really quickly, making a lot of splash.  Was he afraid of something or just using up his testosterone?  (He’ll never see octopus swimming that quickly!)

Fourteen octopus…what a treat!  And have a Merry Christmas!


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