Posted by: octogirl7 | December 13, 2012

Catching up

Figured it was time to catch readers up on what’s been going on.  I’m on vacation this week, so I’ve attempted to get into the water every day.  I succeeded.

Except for Tuesday!

Tuesday, Hanauma Bay is closed. So I did the next best thing to seeing octopus in the wild: saw one in the aquarium.

Waikiki’s Aquarium is small but mighty.  They have a new octopus, a young one.  This made me want to ask what happened to the other, older one, but perhaps I didn’t really want to hear the answer.  I wanted to hear it escaped back to the wild, where it immediately started a family.  (A previous octopus DID escape…through the incoming water tube.  They are wily, aren’t they?!)

So since my last report, I have seen lots of octopuses.  “Regulars” and newbies.  Some are FBT (Found by trevally) and some I find on my own.  There was even one that I almost swam over top of.  That’s a GOOD disguise, because I go slowly.  Rarely does it happen that I miss one right underneath me.  But I almost did with this one.  Wasn’t expecting it to be fully out, on top of the coral head i was passing by. A good find.  And it let me take video for quite a while, too, always a plus.

I also discovered that rain doesn’t keep me out of the water. I got some nice video of both storms out at sea, as well as raindrops hitting the water…from underneath. Nice benefits to rain too. As long as there is no lightning, the visitors mostly stay out of the water, so they don’t get underfoot.  And I figure I’m wet anyway, so no harm done!  (There is usually a bit less light, but that problem is negligible.)

Got some video of an octopus and the ink it had just put out.  I saw the ink first and immediately thought “I didn’t do it!” I don’t believe I ever made an octopus shoot its ink.   There was a circling trevally, so I blame the fish for the ink.  Probably scared the octopus, who immediately took cover under a rock.  I didn’t pester it for long, as I didn’t want to further freak it out.

I also had to laugh at the man that proudly announced that there was a “honney” over there!  I asked him to repeat; he said a honney!!!  I must have continued to look at him blankly, because he finally said A TURTLE!  I said: Oh! A HONU!  I did NOT immediately swim over, because I see turtles on a daily basis and like to give them room to be on their own.  But I do appreciate them.  Occasionally, I almost run into one, if I’m cruising slowly and they are eating; neither of us looking out for the other.

Number 7 octopus today was a new one and so well hidden under a rock that I nearly missed it.  Very cool.  This one never turned that dark, irritated red when it saw me.  It just stayed under the rock, really still.  (I uploaded to youtube; look for octopigirl7) I was so happy to see it….it could have been bumpy seaweed, it was so still and colored so like the rock.

There had been a report today that a lifeguard found a box jelly fish.  Boo!  When I heard, after I had prayed for safety and good finds, I thanked the man who told me and went into the water anyway. If they didn’t close the park, I figured it would be ok.  And if they did find lots more, they would loud speaker the info to me and I could get out.  But I did keep a cautious eye open! And saw absolutely no jellies.

After swimming for 2 and a half hours, I got out and asked the Education guy if they found more box jellies. He said a total of 2 were found.  He added that this is not the right time of month for them, so they didn’t expect any more over the weekend.  Good news for me!  God willing, I plan to snorkel tomorrow and sat and sunday before church.   After all, I have to make up for missing last Sunday due to the Honolulu Marathon!  There was no way to get to the Bay, swim and get back in traffic to the church by 8:30 a.m. singing rehearsal.  But boy, I’m making up for it now!

Also saw a bunch of cone shells…..mostly a little over an inch long, I”m guessing. They are usually covered with debris and algae, so no really video quality.  But I enjoy seeing them anyway.  Lovely day…rain doesn’t phase me!  And it didn’t last long anyway.  I’m ready for tomorrow!


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