Posted by: octogirl7 | November 12, 2012

Bad, bad eel!!!

Lots of eels were flying around the bay today: saw a total of 4, 2 of which were swimming freely!

The bad one was the one that attacked octopus number 16.  Bad, bad eel!

I was floating, taking video of #16, kinda tired after two hours of snorkeling, part of which was against the current.  The octopus was resting partly in its den and partly visible.  I thought: Here’s a great time to switch to photo, so i could take some pictures of the octopus.

Bad idea!

After I had snapped a few photos, the octopus turned deathly white and shrank down into its hole.  I thought What on earth did I do?

Turned out it wasn’t me that did something.  It saw the peppered moray heading toward its den.  And not stopping!

It continued on into the den, repeatedly darting in and out of the hole containing the octopus. I was really afraid the octopus was done for.  Then the octopus swam toward me and a little away and then was gone.

I went to investigate the damage.

The water was churned up and other fish were around, hunting for tidbits.  The octopus was unscathed, as far as I can tell.  I got some video, but it didn’t show a lot of the octopus.  Seemed like it was breathing slowly and carefully, which I would certainly do if an eel had done that to me!

Sadly, I find that I get the camera turned on just after something cool happens.  But I do manage to catch some neat stuff.  And a count of 16 is nothing to sneeze at!   This was a good capper to a 3 day octosnooping extravaganza.

On Saturday, I was two drupes (shells) near each other.  And a cute ambon puffer.

Yesterday, two flounders swam around for me.  I was chuffed because normally i catch them going the speed of slow or not moving at all.  A few octopus each day were FBT – found by trevally circling.  Not my favorite way, but somewhat reliable.  Somewhat because the trevally can also be circling an eel.

Of the eelage, one snowflake, one one mouth moray, one green headed moray and of course the peppered moray.  This is the same eel, I think, that has bothered me before.  It’s big enough to cause the fish to flee.  But they came back soon enough once the eel was done bothering the octopus.

Nice water, good finds and no eel bites.  That’s a great Veterans’ Day weekend!


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