Posted by: octogirl7 | October 20, 2012

Murky isn’t my pref

Well, many times I’ve said that high tide is my friend…what I should have said is high tide and calm water is my friend!

Today, I suited up, prayed, got in the water and nearly turned around.  Couldn’t see much past my hand stroke and that is not a great type of water.  Fortunately, the water cleared up. And it was on!

High tide and murky just makes you think one of 2 things: octopus will be there but not visible OR shark will be there and too visible. So I was happy to be able to see some octopus.  They were all really well hidden.  Even more than usual.  I think of the 10 I saw, only one was even half way out of the den.  But good sightings anyway.  Not great video…I’ll review the vids, but not sure any are really worthy of bothering you all about!

There were only 2 eels: one was a big one and I only saw its midsection, as it was hiding in the reef.  No head, no tail visible.  Kinda my preference.  The other was a cute little snowflake eel, and only saw its head.  They are so cute.  I almost said cuddly, but that wouldn’t be smart or accurate.

I saw only 2 “regulars” and not much of them.  My viewings are so dependent on who’s been there before: if the Speedo Torpedo has been thrashing through, I can count on a lower number in that area.  The octopus are just so shy.  They don’t appreciate noise and splashing about.  They will hide and stay in their dens for a while afterward.  So if I see some folks going through an area, in “elementary” fashion, I will go somewhere else and then come back later, hopefully after the octopus have calmed down.

Kinda glad they are careful though.  I have seen people go after turtles, trying to touch them!  (Strictly illegal and it will get my ire up if someone does that while I’m in the area.) So God only knows what they would do if a cute octopus shows itself.

I was really happy to see number 10. For about 5 seconds!  I was coming in, across the grayish sandy part of the bottom, and saw a slight movement.  At first I thought it was a crab.  Some of the crabs are smallish and brownish.  And they hide in the same areas where an octopus would.

So I paused.

And saw a little brown body ease slowly back under the rock.  I discussed in my head: crab or octopus?  When you see just a little bit, it’s really hard to tell.  There were rocks outside, but small ones.  Could have been a mantis shrimp left a rocky area outside its hole.

So I, stupidly, stopped filming.  And in about a minute, out came a puff of water!  Spouting water stream from a hole is octopus.  Sadly, I don’t think I got much of it on tape. But I knew it was there.

It was a nice treat to be able to glide over coral heads without scraping on them.  A gift of the high tide.  Much appreciated!  And saw probably half of my total 10 count of octopus in their dens in the reef.  No pairs.  For some reason, I have decided that the mating probably takes place when its lower tide.  If you have info on this, please leave a comment!  But the important thing is that there was a little one.  Probably the smallest I’ve seen in quite a while.  Always leaves me smiling.

By the way, bought a new mask on Kauai that is working out great!  Not only does it not leak, but also it lets you see out the side, so there is a wider field of view.  Excellent!

We’ll see what the water is like tomorrow, God willing.



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