Posted by: octogirl7 | October 14, 2012

Great sunrise and 8 octopus!

A fab day in the water…again!

Going to church a bit later, so I had a chance to have a full 2 hours in the water before getting on the road to church.  Eight octopus and a couple were a couple!

I am uploading to octopigirl7 the two octopuses that were close together.  Always a battle to be sure that I’m actually seeing TWO octopus…after all, it could be one really big octopus with arms in one hole and the head in another.  But in this case, the first one, mostly out of its hole, was a pretty self-contained octopus.  In fact, I wondered if it was being so big and visible in order to protect the one in the hole nearby.  Is there octopus chivalry?  Octo bodyguard?!

Only upon review of the video did I see just a bit of the 2nd one nearby.  Sometimes I’m concentrating so hard on trying to keep the camera steady that I don’t really get to look around.  That’s only a real problem if there’s an eel swimming nearby.  I pray for safety, but God doesn’t tell me to be stupid!

I also caught a video of a flock of butterfly fish.  Really pretty, with the sun shining through their yellow bits.  Of course, some of their neighbors joined the Threadfins: 4 spot, ringtail surgeon, convict tangs.  I caught only a brief vid of the big giant trevally that shot through the field of view.  This one was moving fairly fast and didn’t pause, so it was into the foggy area pretty quickly.

It was surprising how I was able to get to several spots; the tide was going out and maybe because I went to the right earlier, I was able to get further.  I would love to get all the way down on the right when it is high tide and completely flat water!

Ran into some “regulars”, friends who also live here and are able to swim every day.  (I only get in on the weekends, routinely.) One said they saw an angel fish!  She said they decided it was an aquarium release, because we normally don’t see angel fish here in the Bay.  They were outside the reef, but still!  Would have been nice to see, but I don’t go outside unless it’s perfectly flat.  Especially since I’m usually swimming alone, I try not to push it.

It did feel as if I was all by myself.  A very GOOD thing.  Love that feeling that I’m swimming free and there’s no one to bump into. Espec because in the bay, the ones you bump into are inexperienced, and tend to stand on the bottom.  Better than standing on the coral (a BIG no-no!), but standing on the sand just makes the sand kick up into the water column, ruining the visibility.

I just love it when the octopus “pose.”  They let me take film of them, even when I’m pretty close.  I could have reached out and touched some of the octopus I was filming.  Of course I didn’t! One briefly blew water at me…I didn’t even feel it this time, as my face wasn’t close enough.  But i saw it later on the video.

No eels today whatsoever.  Perhaps they were aware they were less than welcome after yesterday’s viewings.  I’d much prefer an ocean without any predators, but then that would leave it practically empty, wouldn’t it?  That’s the cycle of eating, in the ocean and on land.

Saw a turban shell, and took a small video of it, but it isn’t particularly  a good one…you cannot see much of the shell and it’s covered with ocean goo.  Green goo!

I understood how I got both tennis and golf elbow in the same elbow: filming.  I hold my arm in a tight posture, so I can keep the camera steady.  Maybe not steady to you, but to me! Luckily, I’m not seasick when I’m in the water.

Aloha until next time.


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